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Monday, August 4, 2008

Empower Your Prayer Group

By: Bo Sanchez

GATHERINGS ON FIRESeminar-Workshop on Prayer Meetings (Aug 16, Saturday, 8am - 5pm)P695 onlyDo you feel that your prayer meetings need a makeover? Let the wisdom and experiences you’ll get from this seminar-workshop bring your gatherings to ‘the next level’. We offer tips on animation, great topics, overall flow and dynamics, and everything you can do to liven up your prayer meetings. Let’s answer your questions from A-Z…A must for your community!

HIGH IMPACT COMMUNITYSeminar on Keeping People in Community(September 20, Saturday, 8am – 5pm)P695 onlyThere is no such thing as a plateau community. It is either you grow or you die. What do you think Jesus wants of your community - a dying, mediocre, or a growing community? Strategies are important to grow a high impact community. This seminar will teach you the different practical techniques to increase your members. Truths and myths of how to grow in number while maturing in the faith will also be revealed.

Venue for all seminars: Lay Force, San Carlos Seminary, Guadalupe Makati.

Discounts will be given to early registrants and groups.Call now!

For reservations and inquiries, contact Noel Gayas or Melody Abarre (02) 8239546

or 09154493600 / 09282109765

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