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Monday, August 18, 2008

Beauty Versus Character - Part 2

By Becky Efetobor

Beauty and character are needed in the life of every woman, if combined and used well the result is always marvelous. No woman is ugly, because character brings out the hidden beauty in her, a woman of character is more noticed than a woman of beauty, it is only character that can keep and mend any broken marriage.

Below are some qualities of a woman of character.

She is a woman of good understanding. She knows when there are challenges in the home and how to handle them without hurting her husband.

She is not proud and carried away by her beauty and achievement in life.

She is a godly woman who allows God to direct her affairs and action.

She is patient, She tolerates whatever form of treatment she may receive from her husband.

The fear of the Lord always keeps her from thinking evil against her husband.

She does not give room for a third party to interfere in her marriage by not nagging.

She is always thinking of the well being of the family including her children by the reason of her kindness.

She does not fully depend on her husband for financial support for the family upkeep;
she has her own source of income and also supports the husband.

A woman of character does not run away from the challenges that confronts her in are marriage, she is bold and always take the challenges as it come to God in prayers for solution.

She is wise in spending and in building her home. Through her wisdom, she increases the wealth of her home by proper financial management. Prov. 14:1 Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.

A woman of character is forgiving and recognizes her husband as her lord. Woman, you cannot substitute character for anything, let it glow from your inside and bring out your beauty for all to see, because it brings joy to the people around you, especially your household. You can truly save your marriage today by working on your character.

God bless your marriage.

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