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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

You Are Somebody!

By Sherri Walker

It has been said that in this world your nobody until somebody well known acknowledges you, then people start paying more attention. Hmmmm...OKAY!!!!!...

Well then I am somebody because Jesus has acknowledged me to the Father. He said if you mention my name before men I will mention your name before the Father.

Wooowhooo I am somebody!

Jesus said be not ashamed of me and I will not be ashamed of you. I AM NOT ASHAMED!

Wooowhooo I am somebody!

Who do we care more about being important too, the world, or the Father. I don't know about you, but I care more about what God thinks of me and whether my name is written in the Lambs book of life then how many people in the world know my name or of my existence. The worlds recognition; the temporary joy that the world has to offer, is not the kind of joy that uplifts me. The joy of knowing that God loves me and that he sent his Son so that my life could be saved is my ultimate, gratifying joy.

Wooowhooo I am somebody!

I am somebody because God saw past my faults and failures and said she is going to be my child. I am going to draw her unto my son and place undying faith in her spirit and have the holy spirit seal her with the promise of life eternal. (The thought of this takes my breathe away).. I am somebody because Yeshua (Jesus) unselfishly gave of his own life so that mine would be spared. He then, (don't miss this part yall) went away and prepared a place for me so that when I am no longer an existence on planet earth I can be where HE is for an eternity...(Wow now that's love, free housing without mortgage payments.)

Wooowhoo I am somebody!

Jesus ultimately died so I could be reconnected to the Father, for you see my relationship with him was broken when disobedience took place in the garden of Eden and by right a death sentence was placed on my life. As it is written death came by one man to all through Adam but the turn around is that life came through Jesus to all through Faith. Thank you Jesus for caring that much about me that while I was yet a sinner, you died for me anyhow, I know I must be somebody!

What a gift to be given, new life, another chance, safety, security, hope, promises, a seal of approval that is recognized and accepted by our Heavenly Father and all because of what Jesus did! He didn't have to do it, but he did! Wow, I must be somebody if he did all this for me.

In Jesus YES you are somebody!!

Never question your importance or whether you are loved because there is a God above who loves you and he cares. Do worry about whether you have a name known amongst men and if you are on somebody's 'A' list, all that matters is whether God knows who you are and that you are on his 'E' list. Clarified....Eternity!

I am a servant of God, I love Christ dearly. I have been dubbed Poet for Christ & Daughter of the King.

I enjoy writing to glorify Christ through my poetry and my articles.

You can find my poetry books through my personal website http://www.poetforchrist.info/

I hope what I write inspires you to think and search for truth.

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