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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is Salvation???

Author: B Weiser

The Bible has a lot to say about salvation, in fact that is what the whole document certifies to. Church folk often speak of salvation and many there are who consider themselves saved. Some whole denominations are organized around the doctrine of salvation and a commitment to getting people saved. With all this emphasis on the salvation experience and camaraderie amongst the saved, does anyone really understand what this means? No doubt, there are those who can explain what it means using the appropriate words to express this fact in the light of truth, but it seems no one can go beyond this superficial designation. So let us try our hand at slinging those labels around and see what we can come up with.

For the most part salvation is considered a onetime experience usually associated with some kind of sinner's prayer. Others consider it a balancing act between maintaining and trying not to lose something. Some even come close to the Truth by saying: Salvation means wholeness in every area of life. But before we can see into just what salvation entails we must first know what it means. So what are we being saved from and what are we being saved into. Before there can even be a need for salvation there must first be a peril that has endangered us, which by its very nature will determine the form of our deliverance. You don't save a drowning man by throwing him a chain. So it is, that if we can determine the nature of our predicament, we can learn to appreciate how we were rescued from it.

Separation from God is the mortal predicament and the Gospel of Christ Jesus is how this dilemma was resolved. This one sentence is the sum total conclusion to the question of what is salvation! Notice first and foremost that it says: Was Resolved!!! Separation from God was an issue over 2,000 years ago but with the advent of Jesus that no longer holds true. Jesus healed the separation of our species from God and it is only your confidence in sin that keeps you in ignorance. Of course it seems at this point we must deal with the whole sin issue and show you, that it is NOT what you think it is. Only on the basis of separation from God being the mortal predicament and the Gospel of Christ Jesus being how that dilemma WAS Resolved, can we examine the subject of sin in the light of Truth.

Unbelief is the only sin in an AD World, under the old school indoctrination sin was an activity but such is no longer the case. There is a very good reason why mortal time is divided into the BC and AD eras. This watershed moment in the history of our species is unique and this is why. Unbelief is the only sin in an AD World. The Book of Hebrews in the Bible explains best how this whole transaction was accomplished, but we will need a condensed version for our purposes. Let's call this split the old covenant and the New Covenant. Until Jesus came our whole species was under the old covenant because the new had not yet manifested (Although it was in place). With the establishment of the New Covenant our entire species was delivered from old covenant restrictions. This was accomplished through the priesthood. Under the old covenant mortals were entrusted with the priesthood, which is why it was defective. Jesus became the High Priest of the New Covenant Priesthood once His physiology obtained glorification on behalf of our whole race. This changing of the guard for God's Holy Word is what split mortal time in twain and rectified every deficiency we can imagine. So that was the beginning of Salvation.

Well now, are we still dealing with the subject of sin or are we back on salvation or are maybe both of those things the same??? Unbelief is the only sin in an AD World, that is all you really need to know in order to deal with the whole sin issue. We have explained how this fact came to be so it must be time to step back up to salvation and see how this new definition of sin works. Once again under the old covenant separation from God was a problem and under New Covenant Law there is no separation from God. Now as simple as this distinction seems it can nevertheless be difficult to actualize depending on how stubborn your preconceptions prove to be. For the sake of efficiency let's say that you preconceptions are most likely synonymous with Unbelief and therefore represent the sin you must repent of eventually. That should speed things along!!! This is a most excellent generalization because you can only prove yourself an exception by examining your unbelief and hopefully flushing the turds while retaining the useful. So like it or not: In an AD World Unbelief is the only sin.

So what is Salvation anyhow, have figured that out yet??? Maybe now we are ready to get to the heart of the matter. So obviously we have been Saved from separation from God whether we accept it or not. But we have not been save from our ignorance of God if we are still busy ignoring Spirit. To save us from our ignorance requires we hear the Truth and Believe, which necessitates a witness to the Gospel in proclamation of the Truth. Once we hear and believe our eyes should be opened to provide our own Witness to the Gospel, thus only by seeing into the Truth can salvation flourish. So does that explain what salvation is, not quite good enough yet.

Salvation is an established fact regardless of our acceptance of it, so it seems that it all comes back to our acceptance of salvation. It can be assumed that if we misinterpret what acceptance of salvation entails, we are most likely to miss the benefit of what it really is. This is the problem we detect with mortal church, they dream of homeruns but they never get off the bench because they cannot. Our acceptance of salvation is the only part of salvation that is subject to change, because it is the only part that can change. Being an established fact, salvation is a static condition of immutability. If anything can change the unchangeable it is our acceptance of it alone that qualifies. Perhaps you are finally seeing why these things are so hard to talk about and why you never heard anything like this before. The mystery has been solved, the puzzle has been resolved, checkmate has been declared, the war is over and Victory has been achieved welcome to Salvation. Can you accept all that???

It would seem we have answered the question of what is salvation and perhaps a few questions we never thought to ask. What more can we say about the unspeakable to help you think the unthinkable??? We better not go there because you are not ready and I'm sure we have said it already just not here. You have no idea of the Labels we can sling, but without some reference others find relevant the words are meaningless regardless of their accuracy. One good point to make here is that the word Infinite Self is no more Infinite than the word water can quench your thirst. Words are just words not the thing spoken of, so even if we say "IT" nevertheless it is not it, it is just a word. That should alleviate some of the fear of Infinite self because Infinite Self is just a word. Peace, Love and Joy are words too and they relate to that that word well in the actual experience that the word represents. It is the experience that the word represents, when we refer to Salvation regardless of what we call it, that we are talking about. So there you go, our opinion of what Salvation means to Us. Do with it as you will as we are sure you will as you do what you do.

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