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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Prayers - How They Work

Author: Andy Smith

Prayers have been talked about since many centuries. Every time, someone falls in a trouble, he/she wants to pray. But many people complain that their prayers are not getting answered. People of every religion believe in prayers. Internet is full of websites that have prayer requests. A prayer is asking the God what ever we want. In ordinary life we ask people what we want. Similarly in a prayer we ask God what we want. But since God is invisible we do not know his response to our prayers and that creates lot many wrong ideas. What is the correct way to pray? Let us discuss about this.

Let us take any every day problem. Whenever we face a problem, we approach someone to solve that. For example, we want a ticket for a flight and we are not getting it. If we are desperate to get the ticket, we would try to contact everybody who can get us that ticket. If we are not desperate, we will stop making efforts after hearing the first no.

The same way- it works for prayers. If you are desperate about something, you will pray with emotions. You will keep praying till your problem is solved. You will be focused in your prayer and your prayer will be a moving prayer. Imagine the passion in a prayer made by a mother to save her child. That kind of prayer can move mountains. Those people who complain that their prayers do not work, are not praying with sincerity of effort. They have lack of faith in their prayer. This lack of faith gets reflected in the way they pray. They are themselves not sure about getting results. That is why when they pray the prayer has no effect. After that they complain that their prayers do not work. Should they do that? If you are looking for results, pray with sincerity and pray with passion. Keep praying till your prayers are not answered and have faith.

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