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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How You Can Be the Light of the World

By Guy Finley

It always seems that in the face of any crisis the best and the worst of humanity is revealed for all to see. On one hand there are thousands who suddenly become aware (perhaps for the first time) of the pain and loss others feel and, foregoing personal interest, dive into the challenging waters of self-sacrifice and other charitable works of selflessness.

At the same time these crises - especially those of a larger scale - seem to draw out from under their darkened rocks, bugs in human form. These sub-species systematically prey upon the confused and desperate people who are dragged along in the wake of tragedy. Of these depraved souls that profit from the suffering of others we will speak no more. Cosmic Justice always prevails.

Let us turn our attention to how each of us may, every day, help to lift, heal and brighten the world we share - so that through our individual spiritual efforts we do the work that first transforms our lives and then the life of the world itself. Is there such a Work? Is there a way to ensure Peace in us and therefore upon earth? Is this vision attainable? The answer is yes!

Every journey of genuine self-discovery and inner change must begin somewhere. Ours begins with a Truth in question form: Did you know you have the power to change the whole world? That within you dwells a Cosmic Character capable of transforming dark influences - along with their destructive forces - into healing energies that exist not only to serve what is Timeless and Good within us, but to enlarge these powers as well?

Make no mistake: Within each of us is everything that we (and the world) need to transfigure and transcend the dark shadows of fear, greed, and hatred. And when these secret seeds of conflict are dead and gone, what negative forces are left that can goad humanity into war?

Perhaps you are wondering, what is this great power that can change the world, that is entrusted to each of us, but that so few have realized in a meaningful way? Here is the answer that I ask you to consider very carefully: Each of us is created to be the Light of the world. Let me amplify this truth: We may each become the Light of the world; and when Light is present what can remain hidden? How can any unseen darkness prevail if its presence is known before it begins its punishing action? Just think of such a power and the freedom from fear it promises. Yet, permit me a needful word of caution:

We must take care neither to let our doubts discount this truth, nor to assume its possession by us as a foregone conclusion; such assumptions always lead to defeat and heartache. The truth is that this positive power is but potential in now. If it were already actualized (in us) then negative states would not be able to dominate us; their evil effects would be non-events.

So our first step is to awaken to our actual spiritual condition, not accepting this finding as a limitation, but seeing it as an invitation to transcend our current consciousness. Even to suspect it possible that we, as individuals, can work to "positize" the world, ending its pain of being in the dark by becoming instruments of the light, should be all we need to start us on the journey of making it so. And let it be known that to actualize what we can intuitively visualize is the spiritual journey. Physical examples abound to prove this possibility.

For instance, once our mind suspected the potential of sunlight to generate solar power, we learned to turn the energy of the sun into our helpful and healthful servant. The difference being now that we need to realize and utilize the living Light within us. Once we master this inner power then what possible power can darkness hold over us? That's right, none!

Now the only question remaining before us is how do we awaken this living Light within us? What is required of us to realize this power of Powers that is able to transform one's soul and the soul of the world as well? How can we use our God-given potential to claim this living Light within us? How can we help ourselves to bring this Light to bear in our day-to-day lives?

Here is the Way in which it is possible for each of us - wherever we are and regardless of our circumstances - to be the Light of the world: We must cease to be an unconscious part of its darkness.

Please don't discount this idea. I assure you it applies to all of us. In fact, if we ever react negatively to someone who implies that we might have some unseen relationship with what is dark and destructive, we need only to come awake and aware of ourselves for the proof of this spiritual assertion. Shakespeare said it best: "Methinks thou dost protest too much."

Neither is this true idea of "don't be a part of the darkness" too esoteric to be meaningful. This statement is packed with palpable power. What we need is the key that turns this knowledge into the wisdom of spiritual experience. To do this we will gather some special insights whose collective understanding will both prove to us - and show us how - we can be the Light of the world.

First, a few questions to set the stage of discovery: Is there any light anywhere in the universe that isn't a part of all the light in the universe? To quietly ponder this idea will prove it to you. Indeed, The light "here" is the light "there" and is, in fact, the light everywhere. Quantum physics now corroborates this truth, and reveals the indivisible unity of light.

Along the same lines, here's the next question in our inquiry: Is there darkness anywhere in the universe that is not a part of the darkness everywhere in the universe? For instance, is the dark hatred or fear that consumes a soul in Britain different in nature from the dark state one suffers somewhere in Brazil - even though the two be thousands of miles apart? The answer is "no"; one darkness is all darkness.

Now (and I urge you to really spend some time wondering about this), if we bring any light into any darkness anywhere, is not darkness everywhere made less? Mustn't even the littlest bit of light added to even the greatest darkness leave that same darkness not so impenetrable? The answer has to be a brilliant "yes!"

Are you beginning to see what we are empowered to do? The earth we live upon, indeed the whole universe, may be changed in its fundamental makeup should we only realize that by agreeing to be the light we may negate the effect of darkness in our reality. But let's not get too far ahead of ourselves. First the vision; then comes the inner Work such a transformation requires of us.

What is required of us to cease being a part of the darkness and become, instead, the light of the world? Here's what we have been leading up to: We must stop incorporating dark forces. What does this mean, to "incorporate" the darkness? It means, literally, to embody negative states, to give these conflicted forces a form.

What I am attempting to show you through these insights and the lessons they reveal is that without us to lend these negative energies a three-dimensional vehicle, they have neither place nor arena to manifest their separatist sufferings. So now we must ask, how do we give these dark forces a body? How is such a state of self possible? You be the judge of the evidence.

Has your mouth ever spoken out in a dark or critical rage? Have your eyes ever looked harshly upon someone and judged him in anger? Whose mind hasn't schemed for secretly self-serving purposes? Hasn't your heart ever been the harbor for some dark resentment? Haven't our hands reached out in fear, or our feet raced anxiously to rid ourselves of some stressful worry? The point is clear.

If we will dare to consider the evidence within us, we can't help but see the fact that we have all been unconsciously compromised by a darkness that comes into us and uses us for its dark ends. Well, now we have the light at hand to bring an end to this unseen, unseemly relationship.

We must no longer agree to do the dark will that wants us to be its person. We must want, and put first, the will of what is Light and right for ourselves and everyone else around us. This means we must wake up, come aware, and see what kind of being it is that we express in the moment. And, right then and there, dare to defy and drop any dark state that wants its expression through us.

This higher willingness to drop dark states, coupled with our new awareness that nothing real can stop us from working at this, is the first stirring of the living Light that already dwells within us. But we must give our lives to this Light if we wish for it to become our own. This sacrifice of self is the wish of the Light since time began.

One last thought: If we will make it our intention to bring this Light into every corner of ourselves, and not flinch when what is dark reveals it has made a home for itself therein, then we and our world will soon be filled with Light. This is Truth's promise. Make its fulfillment your Aim.

Remember what we have uncovered here together. Be the Light. Refuse to be the dark. Remember yourself and God at all times and the battle is won.

Guy Finley is the acclaimed author of more than 30 books and audio programs on the subject of self-realization, several of which have become international best sellers. His popular works, published in 16 languages, are widely endorsed by doctors, professionals, and religious leaders of all denominations. Among many others, his popular titles include: The Secret of Letting Go, Design Your Destiny, The Lost Secrets of Prayer, Apprentice of the Heart, and Let Go and Live in the Now.

To learn more about the work of Guy Finley and his non-profit Life of Learning Foundation, visit http://www.guyfinley.org for a wealth of free helpful information, free audio and video downloads, and to request your FREE Self-Improvement Starter Kit.

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