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Thursday, July 3, 2008

How to Make Your Prayer Life More Enjoyable

By Felix Ortinez

I had been a Christian believer since 1979. I started to practice prayer when I was around 17 years old. It wasn't a commitment that I fulfilled perfectly. The long years that I had been a Christian, I have to admit that there were times when it was hard for me to pray. During those times, the four tips below helped me to pray when I don't feel like praying...

1) Do it in Worship - Now we know that these two things are totally different. But more than often, prayer and worship goes hand in hand. If prayer is a car's engine, then worship is the oil that would make it run smoothly. I have proved what other old time preachers said about worship. Start your prayer with worship. End it with worship. When you ran out of words during your prayer, supplement it with worship.

2) Do it with a friend - Prayer can be more enjoyable if you're doing it with a friend. Your limited "apostolic vocabulary" in prayer (we really developed that haven't we?) can be enhanced by some help from a Christian friend. Plus agreement in prayer can be a great source of easiness as it affirms to you that you are not alone in seeking God's will. Somebody's hand touching yours can give you strength and comfort specially when your praying in public places like hospitals or schools.

3) Do it with music - Doing prayer with a keyboard or an acoustic guitar is really something that every Christian needs to experience. All tiredness, uneasiness, and even dizziness can potentially disappear when you're doing prayer with a song and a musical instrument. Tapes and CD players will also get the job done when you don't know how to play any musical instrument.

4) Do it for Jesus - This may sound trivial but this is really the bottom line of the issue. Prayer is hard when you don't love Jesus. But I can't imagine any Christian that doesn't love his/her One True God. The heart of an Christian is designed to love Jesus. Just be more expressive with that love. Express it in your worship. Express it more in your prayer. Get audible with that love for Him. Get physical about it. Move. Raised your hand. Raised your voice. Jump a little. Dance a bit. Remember that when you love Jesus, your prayer will not be static. You can be like a spinning top that the ending of your prayer is you getting "slain" in the Holy Ghost!

This article is written as something that wishes to spark your imagination and love for praying. Could you add something more to what has already been stated above?

Pastor Felix Ortinez has been a long time minister of the United Pentecostal Church Philippines Inc. and has served at various capacities for the Central Luzon District. He is a graduate of the Apostolic Center for Theological Studies (ACTS Manila, Philippines) and is presently pastoring the Limay Christian Family Center at Limay, Bataan, Philippines. He is also the administrator of the newly created Pinoy Apostolic Blog. You can view his blog at http://pinoyapostolic.wordpress.com/

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