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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

God’s Delays Are Not God’s Denials

“If I only had this, I would be happy.” In the next breath you say, “Yeah, but it will never happen for me.” Or “I don’t really want that, I want this.”

Often we say we want something, but then quickly change our mind or are so ambiguous about what we really want we wouldn’t even know if we got it. I believe God (Higher Power, Universe, Supreme Being) wants us to have the best of what we can have and yet, if we are unclear how can God possibly give us what we what.

God cannot give you what you want until you decide what you want. Simple as that. Again, it goes back to, even if you got what you “want” you wouldn’t know because you have not been clear.

For today, when you think about what you want in your life, be very clear on how you describe it. Get a sense of what it would be like to have the experience you claim you want. It is in that clarity it will be much easier for this to manifest for you.

The amazing part of all of this though is often what we think we want may not be in our highest good. There may be times when what we desire does not fit into the master plan for us. Or, it may be that God’s delays are not God’s denials.

Recently, I saw a great example of God’s delays not being God’s denials. Although I don’t watch much television at all, when I do I have a few programs I very much enjoy. One of my favorites is America’s Got Talent.

In a recent episode, Queen Emily, was the last contestant of the evening. Prior to her taking the stage she shared a bit about her dream of being a singer. Emily grew up in the projects and became a single mom of three children. With her priority being her children her dream of singing professionally was put on hold for many years.

From the moment she stepped on the stage and began belting out the song made famous by Aretha Franklin many years ago, it was apparent that her dream IS coming true.

For years she chose to do what she was called to do; be the best mother she could be. Although often a struggle, she never faltered on her responsibilities.

To see her dream unfolding during America’s Got Talent, with her three children waiting in the wings, was one of the most incredible experiences I have witnessed on the show. It became apparent very quickly that, God’s Delays are NOT God’s denials.

There are times we simply have other things to do before we are meant to have that which we say we want.

There is no doubt Queen Emily is living her dream and God did give her what she was so clear on wanting and willing to wait for.

By: Kathleen Gage Speaker

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