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Friday, July 18, 2008

Communicating With God - The Hearing God Dance

By Genie Goodwin

Communicating with God turns your life into an amazing adventure. But who can do it?

As a Christian Life Coach, I had been training a woman to hear God. She was excited to hear Him and have His divine direction for her daily decisions. She determined to practice daily.

One morning she got up at her usual 5 am, had a wonderful quiet time, then went to her neighbors for their routine walk.

It was in the darkness of that driveway the dance began. She knocked gently on the door but there was no response. Her neighbor was usually ready to go at the first soft knock.

My client asked God if she should knock harder and chance waking up her neighbor's children or just go on her morning walk alone. Without waiting for His reply, she lifted her hand to knock and then put it down.

She asked again and listened intently. She heard, yes. Or was that, no? She took a step away and thought, was that God, or was that me? Turning back to the door she lifted her hand again to knock, then dropped it and took a step away. This went on as confusion began to swirl around her.

Minutes went by as she struggled to figure out if it was God talking or herself, but to her it seemed an agonizing amount of time.

Any neighbor looking out their window would have seen a comical sight in the sunrise. As the light began to rise the woman was in a quandary. Knock? Or leave?

They would have laughed as she turned to the door, lifted her hand to knock, turned away, took a few steps and froze in confusion only to turn back to the door, look stymied, lift her hand, drop it, turn away... Who would have thought knocking on a door was so challenging?

The Hearing God Dance was displayed in the morning sunlight for anyone to see: yes? lift, no? turn, step, wait, what?, lift, maybe?, spin, two, three, four.

She was learning the most crucial part of hearing God: God doesn't speak in your head, He speaks in your heart.

As you learn the difference between hearing in your head or your heart, you might do a bit of dance yourself. Go ahead, God will step in and dance with you, leading you straight into His will.

When you first hear God for yourself, it's exciting. Understanding that He speaks directly to your heart is exhilarating. It is the key to hearing with God. If you're smart you ask Him all kinds of things to build your relationship with Him. Lord, what do I wear today? Should I eat this or not? Should I go to this place? Is this a good financial decision? How do I help my child through this challenge? How do I get along with this person?

Your relationship will soar as you learn how easy it is to communicate with God.

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