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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Communicating With God Barrier 5 - Sin

By Genie Goodwin

Does God Stop Talking to You When You Sin?

We have strange ideas about sin. Most of us think that our sin stops God from talking to us and from working in our lives. As if sin could ever be more powerful than our Creator!

As a parent, when one of my children sinned that is NOT the time I shut up. I would start talking, and if the deed deserved a spanking or some privilege taken away I would act. Sin didn't stop me from working in their lives, it made me very active to bring them back.

If they stole, spanking would ensue, followed by hugs. Then I would talk about the blessing they walked away from, how God wanted to overflow their lives with everything good, but sin stops His blessing from flowing to us.

Next I would talk about the curse they were now slimed with. Now, instead of God's provision, they were getting what the Enemy wanted for them. I'd ask them if they wanted everything the Enemy wanted to give them.

Then I'd talk about punishment and hardship awaiting their every move. I'd talk about how people wouldn't trust them and how they'd hurt the trust in our relationship. I'd talk about jail time, their conscience condemning them and feeling bad about themselves. On and on I would talk until they chose to turn away from that path and back to God's loving presence.

I wouldn't stop until they felt His forgiveness, washed clean of sin and restored to His love and mine. And let me tell you, as a Life Coach, I can talk! Depending on the child and the offense this could take minutes, days, or months. Because I love my children, I wasn't about to give up.

I'd act to reward healthy behavior to keep that coming, and continued to do lots of talking so the destructive behavior stopped. Most importantly, I made sure they knew they were loved regardless of their behavior; but their behavior carried consequences with it, some I could cover and some I couldn't.

Your sin doesn't stop God from talking to you. Sin never has stopped Him. He simply stepped into planet Earth and paid the price of sin to bring us back to Him. When you sin God still moves and talks to you to bring you back where He wants you - in an intimate relationship with Him, standing in His blessing.

What can stop God from talking to you? Nothing. He doesn't ever give up on you, stop talking to you, or trying to get you into His perfect will for you - a relationship with Him.

It's always your choice, to listen and obey or to ignore and do things your own way.

Choose Him now, He's been talking to you all day. Out loud, tell Him you love Him and listen quietly for His answer. He's waiting, are you listening?

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