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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Communicating With God Barrier 4 - Your Own Head

By Genie Goodwin

Are you a Worrier or a Warrior?

Worriers have a hard time communicating with God.
Because often God tells you to do things that don't make sense to your head, causing great worry and confusion.

God might tell you to dip seven times in a stinky, muddy river to get healed of leprosy. A worrier thinks about all the diseases and creatures that might be inhabiting that filthy river and how to avoid getting in it!

Or God could direct you to walk quietly around a heavily fortified town in order to conquer it. A worrier is so busy thinking about the fortification, thickness, height and history of the wall, worrying what people might say about him if he walks; he never gets going. His head becomes the greatest barrier to communicating with God as he builds unending scenarios in his head about blisters, bizarre directions, and the probability of sound waves moving a wall.

He'll walk away defeated, looking for a smaller wall to scale. Missing out on the miraculous all prepared for his life, he's on his own because he refuses to listen or follow God.

Worriers spend so much time thinking up the worst scenario and how to survive it they can't hear God's plan. Thinking up plan A and how it will fail, then plan B and how it might fail, finally he'll add a backup plan before he'll move on anything. Spending all that time thinking up all the disasters that could befall him, he's defeated before he starts, if he ever starts.

A worrier comes up with his plans all on his own and then asks God to cover him. Having no idea if he's on the correct path with God or not and worrying if God even heard him, he never stops to listen for God's plan.

A worrier tells God how bad it is. There is no relationship with God, just begging.

In contrast, a warrior listens for orders and then acts on them expecting God to back him up. He knows that is the plan of victory and God knows better than he does. A warrior never moves without his orders.

Don't let your own head be the barrier to communicating with God. Your plans could never compare to God's. But you won't ever know God's plans if you don't ask Him and then listen for the answer.

Try listening right now. Ask God, out loud, a simple question you've been wanting an answer for and listen quietly for His answer. He's got great plans for you if you'll listen. I challenge you, to keep listening for the rest of the day, expecting Him to lead you in the answer.

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