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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Communicating With God Barrier 3 - Not Knowing Him - Weirdos!

By Genie Goodwin

Are people who hear God are weird?

I was recently talking to a woman who was asking me about being a Life Coach. Struggling with a rebellious teenager, she was looking for help. As we talked I mentioned a number of issues I help people with: from marriage restoration, dating issues, spirituality, physical health programs, stress reduction, forgiveness issues, even discovering your life purpose.

She seemed very impressed and replied, "Wow, that's a lot, do you know it all?" Before I could respond she added, "How do you know how to help someone?" I replied, "I certainly don't know it all, so when I coach a new client, I ask God about the divine direction He has for them and then tell them what He said." With a startled look on her face she groaned, "WEIRD."

Many people think it's hard to hear God, others think it's 'weird'. But is it?

People who don't know God have weird ideas about Him. They expect Him to part the clouds and speak in a thunder with a lightning bolt streaking through the sky. Boy, wouldn't that be a fun conversation! "Hey, God, how you doing today?" Does one loud 'craaacck' mean good? Or does two crashing b'abooms' mean bad? You'd never know and you certainly wouldn't want to question Him to find out!

It's not that God doesn't talk, it's that most people don't recognize it when He does.

If you had never heard my voice, would you recognize me when I spoke? No, of course not. Even worse, since you didn't recognize my voice you would ignore me when I did speak. I could be talking non-stop (which I am known to do) but you would tune me out (just like my teenager does), missing out on whatever I was trying to share with you.

If you don't know God, you might be erecting a common barrier of tuning Him out, missing out on what He's saying to you. Most people haven't spent enough time listening to Him to be able to recognize His voice, they just don't know how He speaks.

He is speaking to you today. Are you missing out on what He's saying? He's trying to talk to you about how to deal with your rebellious teenager or any other challenge you are facing.

If you had access to the Creator of the Universes, the Master Designer of your Destiny, would you ignore it? Now that would be weird!

Get to know Him by listening today, tune in for the next minute. Try this right now: say, "I love you God," out loud and listen quietly for His reply.

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