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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Communicating With God Barrier 1 - What Happens When You Do All the Talking to God and Don't Listen?

By Genie Goodwin

Have you ever had an argument with a twelve year old?

Believing they have vast life experience and great knowledge, they stand glaring up at you insisting they are right and they know better than you. Replace that with any age and it wouldn't change the picture one bit.

That's what it's like when we do all the talking to God and never listen for His answers.

The twelve year old is headed for disaster with all his might. When he reaches that disaster he'll usually turn and blame you for all the havoc unleashed in his life. That is the age-old story for most of humanity. We do all the talking (or complaining) to God, don't listen for His answers, and then blame Him for all the confusion and disaster unleashed into our lives. Why did God do this to me? we wail.

When you do all the talking in any relationship you don't build an intimacy, you destroy it as you reveal how selfish you are. Most people don't want a relationship with someone who is selfish because they know they are going to get used, not loved.

Not listening causes a rift in relationships. It causes hard feelings, misunderstandings, bitterness and breakups. Not listening leaves you lost, hurt and alone (and usually blaming the other person).

If I were to do all the talking with my husband and rarely listen to what he had to say we wouldn't be together very long. It takes talking and listening to make our relationship work, grow and deepen.

Your relationship with God is just that, a relationship. He talks, you listen and respond. You talk, He listens and responds. Its a two-way street, with a dialog between the two of you instead of a monologue of your woes and wish lists.

It really is that easy. After all, He is God, there's nothing too hard for Him, not even talking to you!

If you are feeling a rift in your relationship with God, rejected, bitter, lost, hurt and alone; even blaming Him for your life circumstances, you need to start listening.

God desires to tell you things: about Him, about you, about what's coming in your life. He has plans for you. He'll tell you how to get there, what to avoid and point you to paths of restoration. There are secrets to be revealed, desires to be fulfilled, for both you and Him. It's a great relationship, the best relationship.

God knows what you are going to say before you say it and He's ready with your answer, but you have to talk to Him and listen to get it; because He's after a relationship with you, the most intimate one.

Try listening to Him right now. Ask Him your number one question today, out loud, and then listen quietly to your heart for the answer. If you don't recognize the answer in your heart, I challenge you to listen all day long expecting Him to answer you.

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