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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Communicating With God and the Traffic Signal

By Genie Goodwin

How easy is it to communicate with God? It's as easy as listening to your own heart. As a Christian Life Coach one of my favorite things to do is to help people learn to hear God for themselves. Because when you can hear God for yourself your relationship with God deepens and becomes fulfilling, the level of spiritual guidance He gives you soars as your knowing God, His directions and instructions all skyrocket. Your life becomes an amazing, powerful adventure when you are led and directed by God Himself.

People have many ways of communicating with each other: with a look, a word, a tone, a gesture, a touch. Just one particular look from my husband and I have got the message loud and clear, he doesn't have to say a word.

God has a myriad of ways of communicating with you too.

The primary one is to speak to your heart. Once you learn how to hear God with your heart, you can move on into the nuances and a greater depth of communicating with Him.

One of those nuances is what I like to call the traffic signal.

Red Light

Stop. If you ask God for direction and you feel a red light in your heart, whatever you are moving on, stop. If it's anger, bitterness, depression, a financial move, a trip, a job change, even lunch; it doesn't matter what the subject is: stop. If you get a red light in your heart you need to stop to avoid disaster.

Yellow Light

Use caution, slow down and get ready to stop. If you ask God for direction and you feel a yellow light, pay attention. When you come to a yellow traffic light do you speed up? That could really get you into trouble. Use caution, pay attention, if it's clear and you can make it, then go ahead. If you feel pressure to gun it and speed through because you aren't going to make it, slow down and come to a stop until it's a green light again.

Green Light

Go, its all clear. If you ask God for direction and you feel a green light in your heart, go for it.

The clearer your spiritual guidance, the faster you will fulfill your life purpose. But I caution you, don't follow lights, follow God: that means ask Him first instead of following your circumstances. He's after a deep, intimate relationship with you, He doesn't want you following signs and lights, He wants you following Him, knowing Him and communicating with Him.

To do this, make sure you ask Him for direction first, out loud. Then listen for the answer in your heart; if it feels like a green light in your heart then thank Him and move forward expecting Him to clear the path for you.

The real skill is in deciphering if the signal is coming from your head or your heart. Your head doesn't have God's answers, your heart does. So, don't follow your head, follow your heart.

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