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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bless Them Lord

Author: iris harden brooks

Having seen many of the situations described in this song in our own lives, we thank God for

every blessing we share and want to be a blessing to others thru song and testimony. "Bless

Them Lord" also talks about many things victims of mold go through: Most important is the

horrible sickness & affliction put upon our bodies; Many also face loss of possessions which

leads into being homeless, hungry, or without a roof over our heads. We may find

ourselves abandoned, rejected and feeling very lonely. May God Bless everyone facing

such obstacles in any given situation. Love, Iris & Tlee

Bless Them Lord

1) I saw a little girl walking down the street
Her clothes were worn and ragged, no shoes upon her feet
Her eyes were sad and blue, yet she shared the sweetest smile
I had to stop and think about it, for what seemed like quite a while
Dear Lord, I pray tonight, you'll bless this little child

My grocery cart was full going through the checkout line
More food than I could eat for I know a long, long time
Turned and looked behind me, there stood a feeble, grey-haired man
Loaf of bread, a pack of lunchmeat, and five dollars in his hand
Dear Lord, I pray, tonight, You'll bless him once again

3) Breezing through the park on my daily stroll
Had on my warmest clothes, not bothered by the cold
On a park bench slept a lady, no shelter from the wind
I had to stop and pause again, for I wondered where she'd been
Dear Lord, I pray, tonight, you'll bless her with a friend

Dear Lord, Won't you bless them, the needy in this world
The hungry and the homeless, abandoned boys and girls
The sick, the afflicted, who cannot find their way..
I thank you for your kindness, count my blessings every day
My only plea, You'll bless them, in Your holy name
I pray


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