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Monday, July 28, 2008

Beautiful Thoughts, Beautiful Soul

By Dawn L. McIntyre

We are given distinct characteristics that we can use to enhance our lives and we are also given a set of patterns, if you will, that are essential for us to transform. And in the process of transformation we become more conscious, we become more aware of the beauty that is us and is life and we become more serene and happier women as a result.

Our souls are constantly evolving from lifetime to lifetime. They choose particular patterns to transform in order to evolve into their full potential. Most often the personality, ego patterns are difficult to let go of and it is challenging to relinquish limiting thoughts and paradigms when although they no longer work for us, they have become so familiar and so comfortable. When we resist this growth we become very restless at the level of the soul and sometimes we even create tragic events and circumstances to wake us up to our lessons.

Our birth charts are very helpful in determining exactly what the patterns and potentials are. I have made available to you a free chart analysis in the download section. What you need to look for is the placement of your north node, both the sign it is in and the house it is in. The sign indicates what your soul potential is and the house indicates how you would fulfill that potential. I am also including downloads for the characteristics that go with each sign and house for you to get a brief idea of your potential. In order to determine your patterns simply go to the opposite side of the chart from where your node is placed which is the south node. The sign there represents your ego/personality patterns. For example: my north node is in Gemini in the 8th house and my patterns or my south node is found on the opposite side of the chart from Gemini which is the sign of Sagittarius. Again, the charts available will give you an idea of the characteristics and qualities inherent in each of the patterns and potentials.

It has been my experience that there is nothing more freeing than knowing what my purpose is. It has opened me completely to the beauty of my soul and to the beauty and magic of life. I feel empowered and I feel a deep level of joy that even the unhappy experiences cannot dampen for very long. I urge you to explore what your soul's potential is and to say yes to it. Your life will never be the same; it will become incredibly meaningful and powerful. You will sense your connection to others and to the earth in a very real way and you will experience a strong reverence for life.

True beauty is achieved when there is a balance between inner beauty and outer beauty. Join Dawn L. McIntyre at Boldlybeautiful, as we all learn and grow together.

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