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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When You Can’t See God's Hand, Trust His Heart

This is a word of encouragement for ANYBODY who's "going through"...

Let me give you a little background about me and my personality. First of all, I'm married to a loving and wonderful man, my high school sweetheart. I have a terrific little boy, who's really not little anymore...he just turned eleven. :o( (growing up too fast, but it's beautiful watching him blossom into a young man)

Overall, I have a very happy, healthy, and productive homelife, so no complaints there. I have loving and caring friends...some of them close and personal, more like sisters to me. I enjoy my work.

I'm generally a happy and positive person, always smiling, LOVING to laugh! I have faith to move mountains, and God has blessed me in more ways than I can even count!

So, on the surface, you'd think I would have it all figured out and not have a worry in the world, right? Well, that's just what I thought, too! God is teaching me OTHERWISE, though.

See, I've been saved (a Christian - believing that Jesus died for my sin, and if I would just ask Him to forgive me of them and come into my heart and life as Savior, I would be saved). And, I've been living for Him ever since. I haven't always done it right...no one has (but Jesus), but it's been my goal.

Well, God has really been refining his daughter. He's put me in some very heated and hot situations, lately...and like most, I haven't been enjoying it one little bit!

The truth is, at one point, things got so hectic, Nicole cried her eyes out. And I'm not talking about the little cry where tears slowly stream down each cheek. I mean the really ugly one that comes from the pit of your soul, where you're sure at any moment your spirit is going to leave this place...and you wouldn't even be sad if it did because you're like, “GOOD, RELIEF'S COMING!” THAT kind of crying.

The details of why I felt that way aren't the important thing. So, I'm not going to tell for a couple of reasons. One, because it's personal. And two, because I don't want to take away from your "trial".

If you're going through something "unpleasant", I want this to be an encouragement to YOUR situation because I know by the time I finish this, you're going to be able to use it to the glory of God!

Have you ever gotten to a place where you don't want to hear ANYONE'S voice but the Lord's? Well, that's where I was. Because deep down, I knew
he was the only one who could mend the broken heart I was carrying around.

I've been walking with God for a while, and I KNOW the truth of His word. But, I just didn't want to hear it. I let the enemy of my soul talk to me a little too long. He was saying all the right stuff, though. But, he’s the Father of Lies, and he mixes a little of the truth with a lie to make our hearts believe what he says.

I know you may be thinking I've gone off the deep end, but I'm certain you've heard his same little whispers to your spirit, too.

They sound something like this, "You may as well give up. You been living for
God all this time, and look how He thanks you." Or, "God can't hear you.
You're not even sure if He's really real. You're wasting your time praying to Him."

What about, "If God really loved you, He'd fix what you're going through. After all, He would want you to be happy, wouldn't He?"

I knew who it was filling my head with all that nonsense. But, I was agreeing with everything he said because that's really how I was feeling inside. So for 2 1/2 days, I was tearfully drowning in my sorrows. And you know what? God let me do it, too. He didn't give me ONE word of relief until I made the effort to change who I was having a conversation with.

So, after crying and pouting and feeling horribly sorry for myself, I wised up and started talking to God. And I asked Him all the questions any sane person would: "Lord, I've been trying to live my life for you, why is this happening to me? I've been teaching my son to walk in Your ways, and why?

So You can do Him the same way You're doing me...forget HIM in HIS time of need?"

And a whole list of other things. Just venting, if nothing else. And at that point, I was like I might as well be honest, He already knows my heart, my TRUE feelings. I’m not sugar-coating anything. And, I didn't.

But here's the GOOD NEWS! God honored that! Goodness did He honor it! He just began to flood me with His word and precious promises!

If you find yourself in a difficult situation (and we all do), please know that God loves you. He's much too loving to ever be unkind. He tells us so gently in Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." And to me, that's just AWESOME!

So let me encourage you that when you find yourself "going through", to talk to Him about it because He cares. In fact, He brings us to situations like the one I went through just to draw us closer to Him...and it works! Because when you taste and see that the Lord is GOOD, you want MORE of Him!

There WILL be times when we can't always see His "hand," but please know that even when you can't see His hand and how He's working things out, you can ALWAYS, ALWAYS trust His heart for you!
God's blessings FOREVER!

By: Nicole Calhoun

Nicole enjoys spending time with her son, Jordan and her husband, Muri. She loves to write, spend time with family, work her aggressive internet marketing home-based business, shop and meet new people. If you would like to spend more time with your loved ones, please contact Nicole. www.fulltimefamily.com

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