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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prayer to God to Demolish My Ego

Author: Andy Smith

God, this is my prayer to you that I make because you command me. Many of us have the ego that we are something. Some of us deny existence of God. But they do not know how they were born. Many of us say that Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest gave birth to all of us. Right now I am writing this as if I am very knowledgeable. That is also my ego. For what do I know? Do I know more than others? Or am I more intelligent? Then if somebody were to ask me, when would I die, I have no answer. I do not know what will happen to me tomorrow or today in the next minute. But I think that I know a lot. That is my false ego. If I am wrong here, please give me knowledge, because only you can give that.

I may have ego that I am in control of my PC. A single virus can demolish that idea. I may think that I am healthy, but a single sudden pain and a diagnosis of cancer can change my life forever. I may believe that I have friends. But any of them can turn into an enemy within a second. I have no control on anything. I have no control on my mind itself.

My mind keeps changing its thoughts every moment. Sometimes anger, sometimes pain and sometimes love. My emotions change faster than the weather. I am a prisoner of my emotions.

Please demolish my ego that I am anything. I must always remain in the thought that it is all God's will- it is your will. It is your will that I write right now and when you wish I will shut off the PC and get up. It is all play of God. I am nothing.

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