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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prayer - Singing and Dancing to God

By Michael Trachtman

I live in the mountains near Jerusalem. I often go for walks in the wilderness and talk to God. Sometimes I sing to God. Singing to God is special. I usually sing verses from the Bible with melodies I learned as a child.

There are many kinds of prayers. There are prayers in which you ask for God for the things you need. You ask God for love. You ask God for help. You ask God for the health and safety of your children. You ask God for help and success in your business. You ask God to help you find a spouse, or to help you find something you lost.

I prefer the prayers that are really songs. Prayers that are really connecting to God. Like God is my lover. God and I are together in the most intimate way. I sing to God because I love God. I sing to God because I want God to notice me and notice how much I love Him.

When I walk in the mountains, amongst the trees, I feel God everywhere. The trees are God's gift to us. They are life. I can feel them breathing and singing in their own quiet way. Moving in the wind. Saying to God - being alive is the most wonderful thing. Even the rocks sing to God. They too thank God for having been created. For getting to be present in the world for animals, birds, insects and people to enjoy.

Then, if nobody is around I dance. Or yodel. Or lean against a tree and feel the coursing of life going back and forth between me and the tree. Then in a silent duet we both sing. I sing aloud, the tree sings a harmony in the pauses of my song. All of it thanking the Creator for having made our life.

Then, I know that God hears me. That God is so delighted that his children are singing to him.

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Michael lives near Jerusalem and studies and teaches the Bible.
Michael Trachtman

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