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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prayer - Can "cooking" Be a Prayer to God?

By Michael Trachtman

Mutes can pray to God. So can deaf people. So can crazy people. God puts no limit on who can pray to Him. You can be totally crazy and yet pray to God.

Some people believe that the only prayers they can say are the ones sanctioned in prayer books. They are wrong. You can use your own words.

Some people believe that you must use words. They are wrong. You can sing to God. You can dance to God.

One child did not know how to pray to God. He knew very few words. But he knew the alphabet. He told God.. "God.. Please.." and then he sang

"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ". God he thought to himself - you know all the words. You can put the words together out of these letters and make just the perfect prayer.

God wants you to connect to him. To love him just as He loves you. You can cook for God. Cook a very beautiful and delicious dish and then offer it to God. Tell God, I will serve this beautiful dish to my family in your name. They will know it was a dish offered to you and made sacred for you. They will feel your sacredness in this food. The food will then be more than delicious. The food will contain your spirit and they will feel your presence as they eat each bite. They will know it was my gift to You and your personal gift to them. The dish can be something simple or complicated. The only important thing is that it be worthy of a King.

Cain and Abel... Their first prayer was a gift. Cain brought the fruit of the ground. Abel brought a sacrifice of an animal. Cain did not bring the most beautiful to God. He did not treat God as the most beautiful, the most sacred. God had disdain for Cain's gift.

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