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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Love of God Shed Abroad in Our Hearts

By Brenda Craig and Ruth McCormick

The Love Of God

Such hope never disappoints or deludes or shames us, for God's love has been poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit Who has been given to us. (Romans 5:5 Amplified)

Love; the Love of God has been shed abroad...poured out in our hearts through the Holy Spirit and by Christ Jesus...this love is the Hope of Glory...He is the Hope of Glory!

This Love Christ Jesus has placed in our hearts is His deliverance...it is our hope...our assurance...our grace...our mercy...it simply is all we need for this love is He, Christ Jesus, our Lord.

The Potter And Pearls Of Great Price

I have been seeing more and more how His love and our Kingdom advancement are intertwined all the while experiencing the great Power of His Love. His breaks you...He makes you feel like putty in His hands...and like clay in the Potter's Hands He molds and shapes vessels of honor out of each of us...making us into a dispensers of His glory. His Spirit come and speaks to us...comes and moistens our hearts with love, mercy and grace. And when His loving hands are applied He caresses, smoothes, and rubs out the afflictions of life that make us abrasive.

We are formed like a pearl that is fashioned by the tests of time as it endures the grit...the tiny grain of sand held within its soft heart. What could be seen as an alien intruder becomes the very thing with the power to produce a priceless treasure. What the enemy meant for evil is undone and becomes the very tool used by the Father and causes all things to work together for good...causes us to grow until we completely reflect His image...His glory.

And when the time comes to look at the harvest...to partake of the pearl's beauty and not the abrasiveness of the environment in which it was formed, it takes the Hands of one who knows how to cultivate the pearl to bring forth its splendor. It takes nail scarred hands...hands that know how to serve up broken bread and poured out wine through the offering of His life.

Like a child born causes the pain and suffering of the birth to disappear, the emergence of the pearl from its cradle of formation causes the irritation, the abrasiveness of the sand to fade away in the light of His glory and grace...to display a pearl of great price...to display us...yes, you and I...the body of Christ.

We, the body of Christ are like priceless pearls in the belly of a hard shelled world formed in the sands of adversity...formed in the waves of destruction which have crashed all around us.

Regardless of how it looks or what we may think or feel, the Master Craftsman is cultivating us...shaping us. He is cultivating His pearls making us to display His splendor and Beauty!!! Therefore; have hope. All is well in Him.

Promises Of Deliverance

God's Word says in Psalms 91, "Just because you love Me, I will deliver you, satisfy you with long life and show you my Salvation"

Beloved, what a promise this is. The only condition to His deliverance...to His healing, salvation, redemption, and provision...to all that we need or could ever hope for is wrapped in a package called Love...wrapped the package...the Person...Jesus Christ.

God is a God of reciprocation. As we love Him, He loves the Hell right out of us. In His embrace, we are washed clean and He removes all the grief and brings relief. In His embrace we see the light of His Glory and Grace. In this place of encountering Him He is one we come to know as true Love...and through this true love we come to know redemption and healing from our past. All things are made new in Christ.

Dance Of The Bridegroom

Beloved, now is the time to come to Him and know Him as friend and lover for it is His utmost desire. However, to just simply know Him is not enough. We must go to a new place...we must climb even higher...sing stronger...shout louder and dance with completely uninhibited before Him.

Yes, there is a Dance of the Groom that will remove all dread and gloom from our lives. There is an attire, and a mantle of Holy Fire...a cleansing, purifying fire...an all consuming fire of passionate love which propels us into destiny and purpose...something worth dancing for...someone worth dancing with.

Yes, as we make Him our heart's desire we must dance, dance and dance some more until we are consumed with the romance of a lifetime...a romance with Him. Are you willing to take a chance?

I understand that for the ones who have been wounded and abused it is hard to trust...hard to let go and fall into the hand of the unseen. But as you do, the enemy will not find you for you will be hid under His wing (Psalms 91).

Strongholds over families will come toppling down to no longer be found when the Breaker in you comes forth and takes the ground. Love is the key! Love embraced brings Victory! For it is love that sent our Savior to the tree, and it is for Love's sake that you bend your knee.

As we bend the knee, we will become broken and enter into a place of true repentance and humility. And in this place of humility...in this intimate place we never been before, God's latter rain will begin to pour. Why...because His love will be released...the taunts and restrictions of Baal will cease. We will no longer sacrifice ourselves to the idols of indifference and pain. We will be totally His...totally consumed by His love.

In the midst of it all a cloud will form in the sky holding more than the promise of precipitation. Love will pour like a sweet spring rain all over us. Listen and listen carefully. Listen for the Spirit's heart cry. Can you hear it? I can. Listen!!!

To My Loved And Cherished Ones

"Beloved the eyes of My deliverance hold the power of My great love for you. My rain of deliverance is flowing like tears from My heart in gentle spring like showers on thirsty ground. My rain will baptize you, mantle you, and rest upon you as a gentle dove. The saturation of My prescience poured out is the force which heals, delivers and compels the multitudes to Me. And I use what you might consider a broken life...a foolish thing to accomplish My plans and purposes. I use you.

As you experience My love it will transform you and you will then be the source of another's breakthrough time and time again...one by one I will bring them to you and you will be to them as I am to you. Yes Beloved, the desire to do so for others is in your heart and this is where the journey does start.

Let My love have a perfect work in you, and then, freedom for others you will be able to pursue. For the power of my Love and intimacy has set you free. In submitting to My perfect work you will in turn be a key. You will help others experience and find this Liberty as you help them unlock the doors of freedom!

The power My Love works within...works from the inside you...from the inside out, and it breaks away the darkness and the issues that prevent My DNA...My Determined Nature for your life. What is My DNA for your life? It is to have a love flowing out of you as rivers of living water. For it is love and only love that will change your heart-only love releases true destiny.

Know this; I love you with an everlasting love. I loved you before you ever were and I can never love you more than I already do. I loved you then...I love you now and always will. I am good and I am love. I am here to open the eyes of your heart with a revelation...with understanding in order to receive and be transformed. You are My pearl of great price...the one I gave My life for. My rain is falling and your deliverance is at hand."

With all My love



Beloved, take some time and look at your life. What has His great love done to and for you...for me? Has it changed you and turned you upside down...turned you inside out? If so, it is His love trying to work its way out. Rest assured, it will soon shine in all its radiance like the noonday sun as your life totally becomes His to have and to hold...to own.

In the revelation of His love you receive the power and the ability to recognize your rights and privileges...to know yourself as one sent by the throne...to know yourself as his king and priest...walking out his image of power and grace in and on the earth.

The beauty of who He is...the beauty of His great love demonstrated itself that even when we were yet in sin, God manifested His love for us. He sent His only begotten Son to die for us, so that whoever believeth in Him shall have life-life more abundant

Abundant life; what is it? It is living in the Power of His Love! Be encouraged...be free...be loved...be love, for His love is shed abroad in your heart.

Ruth McCormick & Brenda Craig © 2008 All Rights Reserved

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