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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Living by Faith and Not by Fear!

By Debbie Gauthier

What is fear? False Evidence Appearing Real.

If we live our lives in fear it could make us physically ill.

We take a change just by getting out of bed every day. There are so many people who are evil in this world that it can be scary. Our journey in life must be guided by faith in the Lord... He did not die for our sins so that we can hide in the shadows afraid all the time. Although David was young when he faced Goliath, his faith was much bigger than his physical body.

How do we deal with the big questions and issues in our lives? Do we put them aside and hope they will go away? Many times we do just that. We try to busy ourselves to avoid confronting with problems or issues that arise. However, we eventually must deal with them, maybe not always solve them. The last great issue was have to handle is death. Shall we cower in a corner, waiting for death, trembling, and in fear of the unknown? No because God promises to be with us always and tells us not to fear, but to trust in His word by faith.

Consequently, we get up in the morning, open the front door and face the rising sun. We greet each day with the Lord's promise in our hearts and feel the peace and joy only He can provide for us. We must say to ourselves. "This will be a good day because you are with me. Thank you, Lord, for this day I will remember your words because you are my counselor and comforter. I will not fear whatever this day holds for me."

May all your ventures be blessed and successful,Debbie Gauthier diversifieddebbie@feelinyouthful.com

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