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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jesus' Invitation

By Dorothy K Daigle

In Matthew we read that Jesus told us in the end times two will be working alongside each other, and one will be taken and one left. Christians call this the rapture. Jesus shared so many things with us because he wanted us to be aware of what his invitation would be based on. He wants us to be ready to partake of the wonderful promises of Creator.

As I was reading the seven steps of walking the Red Road, I realized that the spiritual walk is based on things internal. Years ago when I was asking Creator what my son would be doing as a mission, kind of joking like, the answer I got back was, "It is to be, not to do." I understand now that when we learn to be, then the doing will follow. It is the way of the universe. It is logical. Loving actions come out of a loving heart.

Once when I was talking with Cherokee elder John Red Hat, I said that we needed to surrender to Creator so we could do His work. After about the third time I said this to him, he told me that the spirits responded with, "Surrender IS the work!" Now I understand that more also. When we walk the spiritual path of the Red Road, it is a spiritual growing process. When we remember that Creator is unconditional love, then we realize that when we surrender to Creator, we surrender to unconditional love. So the surrender is the work! Surrender to Creator is to grow spiritually. The loving actions that we will be judged on at the end will follow as the natural order of things.

Jesus' invitation will consist of, "Those who have invited unconditional love to reside in their hearts, are now invited into my Father's Kingdom. There are rooms prepared for you in His heavenly mansion."

Dorothy was taught by Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke, for over ten years in Keetoowah Cherokee spiritual ways, in Eastern philosophy, and in Judaism. She was raised Christian so she has a good working knowledge of Christianity. She became disillusioned with Christianity so she now follows no religion, but strives to walk the Red Road spiritual path according to Jesus' teachings.

She received her call from Creator in the fall of '92, and was then taught by the great prophet Elijah for four years. She was given four assurances by Creator when He called her. She was told that she was anointed by the Holy One of Israel, that she would be protected until this work was done, that Creator would go before her whenever He sent her somewhere, and that she did not have to prove herself to anyone. She is one of Creator's two witnesses of the biblical book of Revelation.

Red Road spiritual teachings of Jesus, Moses, and Elijah, along with the teachings of Cherokee elder John Red Hat are taught in the book Red Hat Speaks by Dorothy K. Daigle. Red Hat Speaks can be ordered from any bookstore for $10.95. Let's prepare to receive Jesus' invitation to dwell with him.

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