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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How Do I Study the Bible - Part 1

By Moyo-Angel Bamidele

The Bible says 'study to show yourself approved'... The question is how do I study the Bible? By the grace of God I will take you through a series of Bible study method.

Bible study helps us:

* To be protected from error

* To Grow spiritually

* To Transform and conform us to the will of God.

I want you to understand when you study the Bible you are suppose to be transformed by the Words of the Bible.

The Word is from a Greek word 'Logos and Rhema'. Logos means the written word and Rhema means the live Word from the Holy Sprit to you. When you read John 3:16 which says 'for God so love the world...' for God so love the world is the logos, them live Word you got from the Holy Spirit about that scripture (Logos) is the Rhema. Often the Rhema is a personal Word.

That means will need the logos to get the Rhema. When we dwell on the logos it produces the Rhema, without logos no Rhema and vice-versa.

METHOD - Devotional and passage Bible study.

This type of method is usually done during one's quiet time and is seen as the best method of Bible study.

This method involving taking a chapter of the Bible and prayerfully study until God releases a Rhema on the study.

Devotional study can be discussed under:

* Prayer

* Reading method

* Meditation

* Application

* Memorization.


Any method you choosing the Chapter of the Bible to read is not important, but I will advise that in choosing what to you can consider these:

* Choose a Bible character to study on, i.e. you can decide to study on the life of Joseph or Daniel.

* Choose a Bible story to study on, i.e. the creation of the world, the birth of our Lord Jesus est.

* Choose a Bible chapter that gives an answer to the world problems.


When you choose what to study and work on, prayer that the Holy Spirit should open you eye of understanding to understand what you about to study. You don't need to prayer in tongues here, prayer in your understanding.


After prayers, you take the Bible chapter or verse, read it to you self twice then read it aloud to yourself and make it practical while reading as if you are discussing it with someone.

Emphasis each word in the passage by a way of repeating words to yourself. This will help your mind to be alive to those words.


Meditation is a light to the hidden. Meditation will help you to have depth understanding of the Bible, it helps to have understanding of the Biblical hidden.

Visualizing: Is a method of taking the scene that surround the passage and visual as been part of the scene.

Paraphrasing the scripture: This is done by comparing different versions of the Bible with the passage you are reading, it will give you better understanding.

Personalization: while reading the Bible, always personalize it, this will help you memory.

Acrostic: develop a word by using the first letter. E.g. MR NIGER D, this will also help you memory.

When meditating, always remember: S-P-A-C-E-P-E-T-S.

* S - Is there any sin to confess?

* P - Is there a promise to claim?

* A - Is there any attitude to change?

* C - Is there any command to obey?

* E - Is there any example to follow?

* P - Is there any prayer to pray?

* E - Is there any error to correct?

* T - Is there any truth that needed to be obeyed?

* S - Is there something to praise God about?


Make you Bible study:

* Personal

* Practical

* Provable

* Applicable

* Profitable

God bless you. More emphasis in Par Two

Bamidele, Moyo-Angel is the President & Ministerial Head of the Spokenword Ministries, Inc

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