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Monday, June 2, 2008

Dynamics Of The Human Spirit, Truths, Concepts And Procedures

Author: Donald Yates

How this series of articles came about
A person’s life is made up of many types of journeys, some are short and reaching the destination does not take a lot of preplanning. Others are intermediate and take more effort and a reasonable amount of planning and preparation to complete. Then there are those that extend years into the future and are ongoing until death. Those journeys that never end are a work in process as they provide guiding principles for other journeys. Then there are the waylaid journeys that end up tossed into the sea of lost dreams. All are worthy of applying our time and effort none claim our total experience. Because we were given this undertaking, it is our hope that you will discover your inner self in God while studying these articles. These detailed articles are a labor of love; developed so you might understand and welcome a special relationship with God.

Some writings are not truths.
Throughout history there have been many individual writings but those found in this series of articles are a result of many people’s generous outpouring of love and shared experiences over a long period of many years. Hundreds of minds covering the spectrum from highly educated to the simplicity of a child were sought out, interviewed and incorporated to develop a guide, no a defining course of action, that if followed will accelerate its’ apprentice to heights of satisfaction in knowing greatness. Religious leaders, business leaders, managers, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, educators, industrialists, psychologists, government leaders, behaviorists, management experts, statisticians, economists, neurologists, life scientists, sociologists and playground children, to name a few poured out their hearts in contributing their inner beliefs and experiences for your good.

Let’s face it; all the writings and experts in the world cannot make anything happen without participation and passion. It is our belief, one’s cause that spears the deep tentacles of passion lies in the heart and touches the soul thus driving the inner mind toward heights never before imagined. In reality, the only difference between a star and a super star is a deep-seated passion for the game. While some contenders harbor truths that drive them to success; others miss the mark and fail miserably. Be assured, all who muster the strength to try will discover their inner selves. Really, there is no failure in venturing, for the only failure is in lack of trying. The laws of opposites prevail where the challenge is, to venture ahead and endure or stand still and perish. In not trying one stagnates and becomes sour in their thinking, giving way for failure.

The Power of Multiple minds.
The miracle contained within God’s creation of the human body teaches many lessons. While being surprisingly simple it is also profoundly complex. When subjected to the scrutiny of being put under the microscope, what do we find? People are essentially millions of single cell unites of life acting together in unison directed toward a common cause to form tissues . . . tissues, uniting together to form organs . . . organs coordinating their functions to form systems . . . and systems cooperating as a dynamic organism we call humans. And, God breathed into man to make him a living soul. What a marvelous achievement for the creator of the Universe. Man, part material earth, part spiritual God but all living, conscious being, in His image and likeness.

What is the common success denominator of man? Teamwork . . . all systems must work together to achieve success. What is the purpose of man? Humans were created to please God as he experiences life through man’s experiences. Life! Growth! Realization! Consciousness! Action! Achievement! This can only be accomplished in a dynamic organism called human being. Only humans have the ability to think, act on his/her thought, and progress toward success. Yes, only people can accomplish by using coordinated systems to function. Only humans were given the gift of a “living soul.”

Gen 2:7 And the LORD God formed man [of] the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Christians are not alone
While concepts are terms of science, procedures are terms of man, and truths are terms of God. Christian or not, the same laws are demonstrated in all aspects throughout the human experience, Businesses, governments, and societies are governed by the same laws that were afforded mankind. One individual executive does not run a fortune five hundred company and one individual man does not dictate policy to a society. It takes many people on all levels implementing the best-laid strategies to bring a corporation to a successful product or a government to a successful society. The fact is, any well-laid strategy must come from the efforts of many. It took thousands of experts to put a man on the moon and it also took thousand of people working together to develop and put into place our interstate highway system.

When utilizing the best of the best in a teamwork effort, anything can be accomplished. Skyscrapers are built, and infrastructures are put into place, and aircraft fly around the world, how, by joining multiple minds together for a single purpose. We have prepared for just that; we are “Dedicated to your highest spiritual development, social success and financial growth.” You are the captain; we are the ship that will take you safely on your journey.

In our ever-complex world, Governments and large companies as well are leaning toward the ever-growing analyses that the “multiple mind” concept produces more favorable results. Governments and larger companies are more alert to this concept because they are better equipped with pertinent data and staff specialists who are fully alert to the multitude of minds and materials available to their particular projects.

It is the growing function as internal specialist not so much to bring their own expertise to bear on their company’s problems, but rather to be the eyes and ears of operating management to point out where the exact help that is needed, can be obtained and choose the individual service best suited to the need as well as interpret and evaluate the results.

Now you have at your advantage this same concept in this easy to understand series of articles. This is a program developed especially for you to assist in your soul development.. Thousands of minds stand proudly diligent in standing behind your every effort. You as are the driver, the force that will take this information and climb to great heights. The hundreds of hours we have spent writing, fretting, and anxiously anticipating that second, that very moment when you begin your journey to life in its’ richest . . . this is what we work for, this is our reward.

Happy Trails

Donald Yates, author, Former Director of Leadership and Development for First Baptist Church of Crossville, and Business Development coordinator for Imperial Research , is now retired but continues to engage life through self discovery. SAVE GAS! Run Your Car On WATER!, Join Other Successful Women

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