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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Do You Think The Gasoline Is Too High?

By Walter Taylor

I felt compelled to write this article in light of the prices that gasoline has risen to. I hear it all over the place and it is most likely the topic of conversation wherever you find yourself. As you do your business at the bank you may hear it. As you do your grocery shopping you may hear about it. In the workplace, it most likely is a conversational topic throughout the day. The gasoline prices have gone through the roof recently and it is bringing stress and concern to many families across the world.

Is your first thought to say, this gas is too high? Are you always complaining about how high the price of gasoline is and that you cannot afford it? Have you grown bitter toward the lawmakers and leaders of the world for allowing this to happen? Who is behind the high gasoline prices and why has all of this happened now?

I cannot tell you who exactly behind the current upward trend of gasoline prices, but I can tell you who provides for my family. When you focus on the problem, it becomes bigger. When you focus on the solution, it becomes bigger. I want to invite you to make God bigger in your life. I want to invite you to start thanking God for providing for you and your family. My prayer is now God I thank you for always providing for us. Not matter what life throws your way, thank God that you have everything that you need to accomplish every plan, purpose and goal.

It is always a matter of perception. How do you see yourself? How do you see God. Are you a believer in what God has already done for you? God sent His son Jesus Christ to take away every worry and concern. You have to cast your cares on the Lord, as He does care for you.

After careful and prayerful thought I realized that my own words were testifying against me. Have your own words been speaking against you also? What do you mean Walter? Well, the mere fact that you say that the gasoline is too high is like saying that God cannot provide for you. Well, look at it this way-if I am saying that the gasoline is too high is like saying that I have been taking care of myself my whole life and not God.

Is God your source or your job? If you do not believe in God, then that is understandable, but it still does not discount the fact that there is a higher power and there is not lack of money in the world. There is not any lack of gasoline or oil, but there is a lack of great ideas in the world. There is a lack of people that are willing to step out on their dreams.

You can go from survival mode to thriving mode. You do not have to take what is being dealt to you unless you are satisfied with what you have been getting. If you are not satisfied with your current situation, then you can change. The change may not bring the immediate results that you are seeking, but it can put you on the right path and grow you into the person that God designed you to be.

Walter Taylor is a passionate speaker who challenges audiences to let their lives be the light that lead others to become the person that God called them to be. Walter has authored several books and numerous articles that have helped many people discover their life calling.

You can visit Walter at: http://www.TouchDownLove.com

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