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Friday, June 6, 2008

Do the Bible's Ideas Work For Non-Religious People?

By Michael Trachtman

Do you have to be a religious person to be a good person?

I believe that you don't have to be a religious person. You do not have to belong to a particular religion. You don't have to believe in a particular dogma.

But, you must have 3 things:

1 - Be a good person. This is the most important.

2 - Be fearlessly committed to Truth.

3 - Believe that the entire universe is part of one vision and purpose.

Being is a good person is the most important. If you are a murderer or a thief nothing else will matter. If you are nasty to others, then it doesn't matter if you belong to the True religion. Even the Bible says that God prefers you be a nice person then to have religious devotion.

I prefer graciousness to a sacrifice. - Hosea 6:6

If you are a good person is probably enough. However, you probably want more. You probably want to have a sense of purpose in your life. Your purpose may be to be a mother and wife and take care of your kids. You may be a doctor and your purpose is to heal people. You might be a teacher showing other people the skills and wisdom of life. All of these are about really truly being human. Knowing that as a human you bring the divine into this world.

To find out what life is all about; to find out what your passion is; you must learn to listen for and hear the truth of life. To find teachers whose message resonates. To use your mind. To listen to your heart and intuition. No one else can tell you how to recognize Truth.

Finally, it's important to realize that this world is Divine. That this world is part of one sense of higher purpose. Your sense of Divine might be God. Or, maybe it is the sense of a higher power. Or just an intuitive sense that this world is inherently alive and it has a great mystery behind it.

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Michael lives near Jerusalem and studies and teaches the Bible.
Michael Trachtman

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