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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Becoming A Minister Onto Yourself

By Tina Montalto

To become a minister onto yourself, I mean not the noun, but the verb -- to minister. I become a minister to myself by ministering to myself. The dictionary says the verb "to minister" means "to give service, care or aid". So that is what I must do, give service, care and aid to myself.

Like a Church Minister, I can give service to myself by caring for myself and giving aid to myself. I can support my knowing of the Truth. I can stand in the Truth. I can see beyond appearances to the Truth and support that in my life as a minister would do if I went to him or her.

I become my own minister by administering the Truth. The definition of "to administer" is "to direct or manage, to give out". So I direct or manage the knowing and believing of Truth. I give thoughts of Truth to myself.

As humankind has evolved in its spiritual understanding, we have moved from the administration of Spiritual ideas and Religious practices by a select, authoritative, unquestionable few (like Oracles and Popes and Patriarchs) to being in direct contact with the Source. We are growing into an understanding and acceptance of having a personal relationship with Spirit. How could we not? It is us and we are it.

So in this new direct relationship with Spirit, we must step up to the pulpit, as it were, and become a minister of the Church of One. The Church of One (ourselves) and the Church of One (Universal Unity). We become the authority figure in our lives. We become the knower and sayer of Truth Principles. We support our continuing growth in Spirit.

Treat yourself as a parishioner in the Church of One. If you have a problem, if you are in need of counsel, turn within to the Infinite Universal Intelligence which resides there. Be a crusader of Truth in your own life. Know that you are Good, that there is only Good. Know that there is only the Oneness of Good. There is only Life, Love, Light, Peace and Joy. There is only one Power and it is the Power of Good. There is only beauty because there can be only Harmony in a Unity of One. These are the Truth Principles to stand in, to believe in, to live in.

My late, great teacher, Rev. Harriet, wanted us all to become ministers because she wanted us all to live every moment in these Truth Principles, as a Minister would. Not to know these Principles theoretically. Not to just hear about them on an occasional Sunday. But to live them practically, that is, in practice. To live them daily. To embody them in every thought, belief and action.

Because, ultimately, no can think for you but you. No minister can think for you. He or she can only give aid. He or she can only direct you to correct thinking. But you must do the correct thinking for yourself. You have it within you to know the Truth.

You have it within you to allow Spirit to work in your life. You can be a Minister of One.

©2006 Tina Montalto

Tina Montalto is the founder and president of Conscious Kernels, Inc., an eMedia company specializing in New Thought spiritual eBooks, audio books, eCourses, electronic affirmations calendars, and multimedia programs located on the web at: http://www.consciouskernels.com - She is the author of "You are What You Think" available for free at the company's website. She created the one-of-a-kind pop-up electronic Affirmations Calendar, and serves as instructor for several eCourses on Spiritual Mind Treatment also available at the website. Conscious Kernels also offers a free monthly eNewsletter, a community-building blog, teleseminars and podcasts.

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