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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Ask God to Solve Your Problem If No One Else Can

By Lew Yew Yee

Bro. Vincent told me his story about how he and his family became devout Christians. This story and experience happened some time before their conversion.

The testimony of the Conversion of Vincent Wong and his family. The China Press Reporter

"We were all born to Buddhist and Taoist faith, as most of our earlier generations were. My mother was a housewife and a devout Buddhist. My father was a school teacher. My parents bored four sons. I am the eldest. The whole story happened during my high school in Melaka.
All the while before my conversion, there was always a photo of the Goddess of Mercy hanging on the wall of my house. That photo showed a lady in ancient Chinese costume. Her face looked more like a man than a woman because her eye brows were as thick as that of a man and her eyes were sharp and stern. At that time we thought that God should look as such in order to be fearsome and powerful.

Many years ago while my mother was going about in town, she met someone who gave her a piece of duplicate photo. That someone claimed that it was a snapshot of the image of Kwan Yin i.e. Goddess of mercy taken by a graduate through a pothole of an airplane while it was in flight. It was claimed later that same image appeared to the graduate's father and told him to develop the negative into a photo and subsequently make copies of it to be distributed to all the believers and so the photo was made and the copies were distributed widely. A duplicate copy was given to my mother on that occasion, and she brought it home and placed it where she could worship. That kind of image sometimes had connection to the Buddhist practice and she spent frequent times praying to it. One day while in the midst of her prayer she got herself into a trance. It was not uncommon to see trances. People quite often see these things in temples or places of worship. But that particular trance took root in my mother and it continued as though unstoppable. We were rather worried that she was possessed by some spirit. When the trance quieted down we found she was not in her usual self. We also found that the trance had affected her normal well being and her routine works in the house. It soon disabled her completely in performing her normal duties to the children and to the family. She was unable to do even simple cooking, washing of clothes and others things and the children were left unattended. How could she, when she couldn't even care for herself? I and my other sibling brothers had virtually become her caretakers instead. My father was the only bread winner in the family and had to go to school to teach. Then things turned from bad to worst and that situation put a lot of pressure on us. Each day I had to rush home during recess hour to make checks on her condition to see if she was alright, and not done anything untoward that would give us more problems. We were scared that she might do something silly or bring some kind of tragedy or grief to the family. If that situation continued long enough, the whole family would be stressed out and then anything could happen. Our family was close to danger point.

My father and in-laws made many attempts to seek cure for her. They would take her to see all kinds of quack doctors. They would take her to one temple after another to seek their gods for cure or anywhere that claimed to have the power to cure or drive out spirits. On one occasion we even had to track a long and narrow path in a forest to reach a shrine to seek the forest god for her cure. All those running about and anxieties were very exhaustive and taxing to us physically and mentally. They even attempted exorcism to get her well again, but to no avail. As time went by we found there was nothing that could cure her and she was as bad as before, no matter what we tried. My father did not know what else he could do. Our lives were really shattered and devastated. My father was so distraught that he could hardly perform his duty as a teacher. Life became really miserable for us. He told us that we had to do something before the situation really destroyed us all. He said that if our mother had carried on in such a condition, he himself would be the first casualty in the family instead of our mother. When things became too heavy to bear, my father suggested putting my mom at the in-law's home in order to have a little respite for him and the children. So we sent her to the parents-in-law's home to give us some respite or to keep the children out of harm's way. But it brought us no real relief that we were looking for, because we were too young to care for ourselves. There was no one to cook or do the washing of clothing and so on. We had to eat at odd hours and at odd places. Everything was done without a schedule or system, and the house was in topsy-turvy. It was almost the darkest hours of our lives.

One day while my father was performing his teaching in class he told his students to be on their own because he needed a rest. He took himself out into the corridor to relieve his stress. It was at that moment of despair and feeling of hopelessness that he looked to the heaven and cried and he asked:

"Heaven I beseech you. I have prayed to all the gods that I know of, to cure my wife but to no avail. If there is any one God above that I have not prayed to, I want to know." And at that instant he saw the sky begin to open up like a stage curtain, and there appeared in full screen replaying footage of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt with king pharaoh and his army pursuing hot on their heels and Moses striking the rod dividing the sea into two sprouting walls making a dry passage for Moses and Israelites to pass with pharaoh's army and their chariots coming close behind and then the sea closed back and swallowed the pursuing soldiers, everyone of them leaving Moses and the Israelites through the passage unharmed. Then the footage disappeared as quickly as it came. My father quickly remembered that the footage was taken out of the movie that he had seen before. It was the "Ten Commandments". "Ten Commandments" was a Christian movie that showed how God delivered the Israelites out of Egypt. My father knew then that of all the gods he had prayed to, he had not prayed to the one God and that was the Christian God. That was the one God he had not prayed to. So he cried out again "I know you are the Christian God because I had seen this footage before. I will make a promise to you that I will bring all my family to your fold if you would kindly make my wife well again." And immediately upon those words he suddenly found himself being lightened of his stress and burden that had been weighting down on him ever since.

When class was over he hurried home and took all of us to see our mom. On arriving there, we saw our mother coming out of the house calling us by our names. To our great surprise we saw she was completely cured of all her troubles and afflictions and was a normal person again. My father, on seeing that she was well again, praised God and we all happily took her home. At home my father recounted his experience with God. The next day, early in the morning my father and I went to a protestant church. There we went to see the pastor and the pastor said: "If you want be a Christian you must renounce and remove all other gods in your home" and my father said: "Yes, I will remove all other gods but am I permitted to keep the ancestors plate?" and the pastor said: "No that one has to go too." On hearing that, my father and I were a little troubled because it was the Chinese tradition to honor their ancestors. It was rather hard for my father to discard such a plate. So my father said that he would consider it. My father went away in despair and thought to himself that he would try a different Christian church. The next day he went to a Catholic church and he met a group of girls and asked about their church. The girls told him to see the priest and so he went to see the priest and asked whether he could keep the ancestors plate. The priest said: "Of course you can. We too have a time to honor our ancestors in the church. Come to our church and see for yourself during the first day of this coming Chinese New Yew celebration." My father was greatly relieved when the priest told him that he could keep the ancestors plate.

On the first day of the Chinese New Year celebration my father took the whole family to the church and much to his surprise he found that the Chinese tradition was very much alive and in full swing at the church. And the biggest surprise was when we found an ancestor plate which was huge in size, and bigger than any ancestor plate that we had ever come across even in Chinese temples. We were so happy and overflowed with joy. The church was decorated with Chinese New Year greetings in red banners and there were sounds of fire crackers and lion dances and much joys and greetings, and then later followed by the mass. The mass ended with the ceremonial service honoring the ancestors which included ceremonial bows and joss sticks. My father and the whole family were overjoyed and we finally embraced the Christian Faith. We became devout Christians. Now we always remember that God had saved our mom and our family and we are giving our grateful thanks to God everyday for the rest of our lives.

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