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Sunday, June 1, 2008

20 Rules To Break To Have Revival

By James Robor

Somebody said that rules were made to be broken. Well, maybe not all rules but at least some rules. There are some unofficial rules that have been established among many Christians and churches for many years. They are traditions that they have been passed down throughout the years. Maybe they were passed unintentionally, but nonetheless they were passed down. As a result of these rules the Body of Christ has suffered, and many thousands and millions have lived a much less abundant life and have never known the half of what God wants and can do. I have put together this list of rules, traditions, lies from the devil if you will, that if the church will break, revival will come and God's Spirit will be poured out mightily resulting in millions of lives changed and transformed like never before.

1. Do what everybody else is doing. Be like everybody else. Think like everybody else.

2. Do not have church any longer than two hours.

3. Do not pray more than an hour at a time.

4. Do not read more than 4 chapters of the bible in a day.

5. Do not encourage anyone. Judge them and find everything they do wrong.

6. If you fail, give up and try something else. Don't try again.

7. Be more concerned about what others think about you than what God thinks about you.

8. Do not receive from people outside you particular religious persuasion. Believe that if it's not happening with your group then it must not be of God. No group has all the truth.

9. If someone is different from you reject them and believe that there must be something wrong with them.

10. If you experience something new and different assume that it is from the devil.

11. Only associate with people who have it all together. Tell absolutely no one about Jesus.

12. Only spend money on yourself and your family. Don't think about others that are unfortunate.

13. Believe that every preacher that God uses in miracles must be fake.

14. Never have more than two church services in one week. Believe that any more would be too overwhelming for the people. Let them continue to not be on fire for God.

15. Only be interested in those who will support your ministry. Don't support others who have a different vision than yours.

16. Believe that God can only use those who are 40 years old or older. Believe that God can only use those who are very anointed, skilled and educated. Refuse to believe that God uses common people who have issues and imperfections.

17. Believe that every minister must be under a "covering". Refuse to believe that the Holy Spirit teaches us all things and that the Apostle Paul in Galations 1:1 said that he was not sent from man nor the agency of man.

18. Wait for somebody else to start a revival. That way everybody will be sitting around waiting and nothing will ever happen.

19. Believe that it is God's will for churches to be dry. Believe that there should be nothing exciting to look forward to when someone goes to church.

20. Live by law and not by grace. See God as a taskmaster.

God is waiting for every Christian and every church to break these rules. They stand in the way of Him having his way. When people quit putting man above God, the lost are saved, the sick are healed, the captive are set free, and the broken hearted are healed. I dare you to break these rules. You will never be the same again if you do.

James Robor is an anointed and gifted minister, speaker, and author. James has ministered to countless hundreds and thousands the saving and healing gospel of Jesus Christ. e desires to help take people to a higher level. To see the lost saved, the saved set free, and the free set on fire for Jesus.

You can visit his new blog http://www.jamesrobor.org where you can find encouragement, inspiration, and revelation.

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