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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why is it Always God's Fault? is Loving the Lord Any Less the Answer to our Prayers

Author: Kacy Carr

We ask you God, is the bloodshed in war torn countries really necessary? We ask you God, are Tsunamis and cyclones which cause death of millions really necessary? And God what of the evil doers which without reason kill and plot to maim. God is it really necessary to continue to let them live? The list of "I ask you God" questions is never ending. Proof comes to the fore when we find ourselves in a crisis or that of facing an ordeal of which we turn to god for help - or more often than not to rest blame upon him. Why is it all Gods fault when all wrong doings are a result of our own actions?

At the time of creation the lord gave us the right to choose how we live our lives in hope it would be in peace and harmony and to love one another, not choose evil where many diseased with so much hatred gets satisfaction from others suffering. Is that saying "an act of God" reason enough to blame him yet once again for the cruel disasters? I think it is time to think before making assumptions. These merciless events we have experienced lately could they not have anything to do with interfering with nature, like that of the man made goods which affect the ozone layer, or is scientific study the cause of so much sorrow which have us question where the blame lies.

Could it be behaviour of man affecting our planet i.e. polluting the air, the seas and the disruption of ecosystems which rapidly encourages climate-related disasters which are striking populations in China, Burma and other regions? Who is guilty of the disruption and destruction of the planet.

My love for God gets stronger everyday in prayer for keeping me and those close safe. Fortunately and not wanting to tempt fate we have lived our lives unscathed from harm and live under no threat from earthquake or terrorists bombs. However if ever fate should befall upon me, I dear lord will not point the finger of suspicion in your direction but towards that of my neighbour.

Prayer is the answer for those who believe, it helps ease heartache pain and suffering. Even for those who disbelieve and in denial, prayer too can be the answer.

The death toll from last week's earthquake in south-west China has risen to 40,075, many of which were children. Those who survived now struggle to survive to find shelter for their families. The search goes on for the tens of thousands still missing. Cyclone Nargis has run up the death toll figure in Burma to 78,000. It is said that another 56,000 people are missing. According to local estimates up to 80,000 people died alone around the delta township of Laputta - which had a population of 350,000. Another disaster which not only shocked the world but killed a great many too was the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. It was an undersea earthquake that occurred at 00:58:53 UTC December 26th (Boxing Day) with an epicenter off the west coast of Sumatra Indonesia. A string of tsunamis followed this.

The number of people believed killed in December's tsunami disaster in Jakarta was 294 000
Indonesia was hardest-hit by December 26th earthquake with a total loss of 240 774 people listed as dead or missing Thailand's toll remained at 5 393 confirmed dead. A further 3 071 people were listed as missing. One of the hardest hit was Sri Lanka losing 30 957 inhabitants to the Tsunami.

God our Father
Your power brings us to birth
Your providence guides our lives
and by your command we return to dust

Lord, those who die still live in your presence
their lives change but do not end.
I pray in hope for my family, relatives and friends and for all the dead known to you alone.

In company with Christ
Who died and now lives may they rejoice in your kingdom,
where all our tears are wiped away
Unite us together again in one family
to sing your praise forever and ever

For those not close in proximity and are affected by these disasters and want to help even if it is only to give a cuddle then unfortunately and realistically this may never happen due to distance or that of the authorities denying you access. The best way is to send money to the right groups who already have organizations on the ground, working to provide lifesaving essentials to the victims. Donations can be made to a group that's on the front lines, engaged in crucial, person-to-person rescue efforts: Tzu-Chi (tzuchi.org/global) Tzu-Chi is an organization made up mainly of volunteers. Almost 100% of donations go directly to the suffering who need food, water, medical care and somewhere to sleep.

We need to pay more attention to how we treat our planet to help prevent future "natural" disasters. Who is to blame, Yes we know cyclones, hurricanes, tsunamis have occurred on our planet long before human life started upsetting the climate, however over the last six years we have noticed an evident acceleration of climate-related disasters.

There is no doubt that man-made climate change is now altering, which we connect to floods and hurricanes. What next? these events of late are but small blips in comparison to the planetary backlash that may be on its way. The population correction that's on its way over the next 100 years involves hunger, illness, soil crop failures and drought which could result in the loss of a billion lives. Can we prevent needless deaths, yes by making changes which include a radical change in CO2 emmissions, reduce toxic chemical use, agricultural reforms and end genetic pollution through GM crops. Our government need to take these matters seriously and make our planet safe for our kids – there kids and so on.

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