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Friday, May 23, 2008

Trusting God Increases The Likelihood That God Will Give You What You Want

By Michael Trachtman

God relates to you personally, to the degree that you relate to God personally.

Samantha has a very aggressive cancer. Her doctor told her that her chance of survival is less than 10%. It is easy to be afraid.

Her husband Charlie comforts her. He tells her that the doctor is wrong. Her chance of survival is not 10%. It is 50/50. Maybe even better than 50/50. It depends on what God decides. Yes, it is true that for people in her condition, God decides that 90% of them won't make it. But, it is still an active decision that God makes.

If she knows that God will make the decision individually, then she can enter a relationship with God. Talk to God. Believe in God. Beseech God. Cry to God. Sing to God. Find out what God wants from her.

God rules the world using two different systems. The more obvious and overt system is the "Laws of Nature" system. The other system is the more subtle and special "Direct Supervision by God" system.

1. The Laws of Nature: The laws of nature are rules that God put into place that allows things to happen in somewhat predictable ways. Laws like gravity and light. Even laws like psychology and economics. God allows these laws to run automatically. The reason for these laws is that they are predictable. It allows us humans to count on the fact that the sun will rise in the morning. It allows us to count on the fact that if we have money in our bank account, we can take it from an automated teller machine. These "automated laws" allow the universe to function in predictable ways.

2. Using the Rules of Direct Godly Supervision: Those are the situations that God takes "personal" interest in them. God cares about the specific outcome. In this system, God takes into account the laws of nature, but then potentially changes the outcome.

Most things that occur in nature - have some degree of randomness in them. This allows God to affect the outcome without appearing to affect the outcome. The location of a lightening strike; the exact severity and path of a storm; whether you will get sick from a virus; are all events that are a result of both precise rules of nature and randomness. God can then direct the outcome to decide the exact path without appearing to do so.

This direct supervision can go to either happier or more painful results. Of course, God might listen to your prayers and you will quickly find a job. Or, God might go the other way. God might decide that now is not the time for you to find a job. God might determine that there is something for you to learn from being unemployed. Or that a better job is waiting just around the corner. Or that your karma and actions require that you not get a job at this time.

You can not know the exact balance between the consistent laws of nature and direct Godly supervision.

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