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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lost In Translation?

As a challenge to strict interpretation of Biblical scripture, consider the following…

What if we open our minds just a bit?

Consider a reality wherein every bit of form and structure on the Earth, and the universe in its entirety was designed and implemented in six days. Starting this Monday, all of this would be completed by Saturday evening. It’s hard to imagine, really. Is this strict interpretation of scripture realistic?

What if this is simply a metaphor… a story told by generations and generations to surmise a concept of the evolution of the physical, tangible world by cultures with a limited ability for structured language. Imagine “cavemen” sitting around a campfire at night, looking up at the stars, grunting and gesturing and trying to share ideas, which were shared with them regarding how they came to be where they were… deep conversation for cavemen, granted. However, if you think about it, there wasn’t much else to do for cavemen sitting around a campfire at night eating God-only-knows what kind of roots and berries.

Stay with me, here. So the story goes and grows and evolves and simplifies. At first, there was nothing… the sky was dark, nothing at all. Then, the Sun started rising in the mornings, piercing the darkness, causing day and night. As night and day began rolling around, the water on the surface of the Earth separated from itself to form clouds and create the sky. As some of the water on the surface of the Earth began to float in the sky, dry land began to appear. Because of the dry land, plants began to grow on the surface. Somewhere along the way, they realized the Sun lighted the day and the Moon at night and could count seasons and formed a sense of time. As time went on, critters began swimming and flying all over the place… these critters eventually began crawling around on the new, dry land, and living things multiplied just like the plants did. Finally, man came along, and that’s where they found themselves, sitting around a campfire… resting.

Obviously, this would take much longer than six days… but could easily be retold around a campfire (or wherever), when categorized into six stages like this. It also falls neatly in line with evolutionary theories about a big bang, like the still Earth put into motion by a big heavenly body like the moon…. anyway, I’m getting off on a tangent now.

Back to man sitting around a campfire… Things were great! All the food they could eat from the trees and bushes around them; plenty for them and the animals, and life was grand. There was even this place out East, where the four rivers meet. That’s where God “planted” humans. It was a real oasis, with some great trees. One of them had this really awesome fruit that would fill any man, but one of them had some really wicked fruit, which made them seriously trip out, so they didn’t mess with that one. Anyway, that’s where God gave them the job of tending to all the animals and being their master.

However, that was a lot of work, and things got kind of “boring” so they started paying attention to women. This is sounding more and more like a logical, caveman, campfire rendition of how things were.

Of course, the gullible women got to gossipping and decided that the forbidden fruit really wasn’t all that bad and “convinced” the cavemen to eat it. “That the fruit isn’t all that bad, you just can’t handle it,” they said. “Oh yeah?! Watch this,” the cavemen would say. That was the beginning of the end… it made them think things they never even imagined before. They started coming up with all kinds of weird ideas and concepts and started to think of themselves as different and superior to everything else around them… and so it went; separation from God.

Sounds a little more reasonable, right? Hey, it’s just a story, ladies. I didn’t make it up.

So, when you take this new, open-minded style of interpretation of the Genesis of humanity, it makes this next concept not so far of a stretch.

The “Mark of the Beast” is 666, right? Technically, it is “six-hundred, three-score, and six,” according to the King James Version of the Bible. Well, a friend I hung out with many moons ago (I’ll call her Lydia, to protect the innocent) were hanging out with some other friends while having had eaten some “forbidden fruit,” if you will. She brought this up; it’s stuck with me ever since, and the more I think about it, it really makes sense.

The Book of Revelation, where the Mark is referenced, was written during the reign of the Roman Empire, in a region, which was primarily ruled by Rome. Naturally, the original text, and the number written to mean the “Mark of the Beast” would have been written in the Roman language… enter: Roman Numerals. We’ve all learned these in grade school, and most television shows and other “scholarly” works use them to denote dates, et al.

If you write out the number 666 in Roman Numerals, it comes out: DCLXVI. (500+ 100+ 50+ 10+ 5+ 1= 666) That’s right, one of each Roman Number, in descending order. So, it could be surmised that “numbers,” in general, are the Mark of the Beast. Before you exorcise your computer, think about this.

Modern civilizations are wholly dependent on numbers; for currency, for architecture, for science…. EVERYTHING! Everything except God, that is. Our quest for knowledge between good and evil… our ultimate desire and preconception that our minds are able to make determinations in general… these are what separate us from simple existence, and one-ness with the Creator.

Interesting, when you think about it in this context, how the Bible kind of comes full circle in the explanation of what separates us from God. From the story of our Genesis, to the Revelation of our demise and ultimate return to the presence of our higher power, and everything in between… is all due to our belief that we are smarter than the world around us; capable of determining what should and should not be.

By: TimG

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