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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let God Himself Tell You That He Exists

By Lew Yew Yee

Here is an amazing story that my friend bro. Vincent Wong, the China press reporter, related to me about his experience with God. A testimony of bro. Vincent Wong, The China Press Reporter

"One night while I was lying in bed and was falling into sleep, I saw myself being lifted up and up slowly into the sky and then the lifting finally came to a stop. I looked around and saw there was nothing in sight except myself standing on air in the vastness of empty space stretching to infinity. Just at that moment I saw and felt there was an enormous and roaring force blowing over and filling the whole sky above me and then in the midst of the amazing force came a loud thunderous voice calling continuously from a far distance and approaching towards me and continuously calling my name. "Vin ---cent ---"

I was very shocked by such a loud deep voice. I did not know who was calling me in such a loud and powerful voice, so I replied: "Who are you?"
The voice said: "I am the Lord, your God"
I asked: "Lord my God. Why am I here? What do you want from me?"
"Look over to your front and read the words above" said the Lord.
I looked over to my front and at a little distant above, I saw a huge scroll appeared in front of me. The scroll was written in Chinese calligraphy, and I saw a line of words.
The first word was bigger in size than the others, and it meant PLACE, then followed by four smaller words which means 'Stay peacefully in the place, and be happy with your job' and I read out the words.

Then the Lord called my name in his powerful voice again, and He said to me: "Vincent would you like to do me a favor?" and I asked. "What can I do for you?"
Then the Lord said: "Vincent, Go and tell your church bro. Paul Teh , that the Lord wants him to stop fooling around, and go and work in the farm and sweat under the sun to make his own living. If he obeys my words, then his sins will be forgiven."

The Lord asked me again: "Would you like to do this favor for me? And I replied: "Lord, I am so happy that you have kindly come to me personally, and I am so happy to be able to meet you, the ETERNAL GOD, I am willing to do whatever you tell me to do".

Then The Lord said: "Very well, since you have promised to do this favor for me, you must do it. This is MY COMMAND!" The Lord then asked me to repeat loudly three times his message. I obeyed and repeated three times accordingly. After I had repeated the Lord message, I was suddenly transported into a path which led to a garden. I could see bright moonlight above this garden which I later believed was the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed before He was arrested by the soldiers led by some high priests. As I walked the small path that led to the garden I was wondering where I was, and suddenly in front of me, roughly the distance of stone throw, I saw a man in robs and his face was shining bright and his hands were holding an ancient emperor scroll which I had seen earlier in the sky. Instantly I knew he was Lord Jesus. I was so excited that I ran towards him, shouting and calling him "Brother Jesus".

It was in a moment of great excitement that I forgot to call him Lord Jesus as I should have. The Lord smiled at me and said: "Vincent, how are you?" I replied: "Lord, thank you so much for finally allowing me to meet you personally, you know since my baptism in 1979 and for the past 7 years I have prayed day and night to meet you."

The Lord said: "Vincent, here I am to fulfill your wish. By the way, you must remember well the message that I had given you when I appeared to you in spirit form in the sky. I replied: "Yes, Lord, I remember it clearly."

The Lord was in his majestic appearance, and with his right hand he pointed at me and said to me seriously: "Since you have promised me, you must keep your promise, and bring this message to your brother, this is my command!" At that very moment of his words, the holy fear filled my whole person, and I replied: "Yes, Lord I will do it" and just after these words I found my whole spirit come back to my body again and I woke up. I noted that it was 2am in the morning. After I was awakened, I couldn't sleep anymore and I climbed down from my bunker bed, while my colleague, who was still sleeping soundly below me, was oblivious to what had happened to me at all.

Then I held the bible in my hands and prayed to The Lord for confirmation of his message to me, and after that I opened the bible and instantly I saw the chapter 3:16-21, of the book of prophet Ezekiel, in the old testament, with the title: 'The Mission of Prophet', where God gave the message to the prophet to tell the people that if they refused to listen and repent for their sins, they would perish in their sins. God told the prophet that if he carried out the mission and passed the message to the people, then the prophet would not be liable for their blood debts, but if the prophet did not tell them about the words of God, and they died in their sins, then the prophet would be held responsible for their blood debts.

These words of God in the Bible frightened and shocked me so greatly that I almost fell down to the floor. When morning came, I called Siew Meng who was a church youth member and I asked him of the whereabouts of Paul Teh, and he told me that Paul would be in Ipoh the next day to take part in a youth gatherings at the church there, and so I decided to go to Ipoh to meet him. When the next morning came and I was about to leave my house to do what the Lord had asked me to do, I looked into my purse and found I had only twelve dollars. Twelve dollars was not going to take me far enough to look for that prodigal son as I called him. Under a different situation or circumstance I would have easily excused myself and would probably not take the trip for reason of insufficient money, but that was a totally different case.

It was the God's command to me! I decided to go and seek help from the company where I used to work before. That company still owed me six months of unpaid salaries. When I went there and talked to the person in charge to advance me a hundred dollars, the man told me that his company was in a dire circumstance. So failing to get the money, I went to my good friend Dr Pius Lim at his house to see if I could get some help, and there I told him about my experience with the Lord. He was greatly surprised and advised me to take the matter seriously. While I was there another good friend of mine by the name of Joseph Tan, who was an accountant, also came to the house and so I shared my experience with him too. The accountant said that he wanted to go to Ipoh town the next day, and that he would take me there. It was good news to me and I felt really happy about it. I believed then that the Lord knew I had insufficient money, and so had arranged a good driver to send me there with a comfortable Mercedes Benz.

The next day Joseph Tan drove me to Ipoh, but somewhere on the way we decided to stop for a drink. So we stopped at a place to rest and drink. I felt it was not polite to let him pay, so I paid for the drink. The drink cost me five dollars and I was left with seven dollars in my pocket. I was troubled for the rest of the journey because of the insufficient money that was left with me. I was now really in a dire strait. On reaching town in the night I was about to be left on my own to take a taxi to continue my way to Bukit Mertajam.

I knew there was no way I could do it with that little fiver I had left in my pocket to reach that prodigal son, so out of desperation I had to humbly ask the accountant for fifty dollars. But he gave me a piece of hundred dollar note because he did not have anything smaller. I believed the Lord gave me that hundred dollar note. I felt greatly relieved with the money in hand and I took a taxi to continue all the way up to Bukit Mertajam. At last I reached the old church, but it was dark and no one was there. I went further up the building and there I found the prodigal son sitting with my friends around a dinner table chattering. They already had their fill and there was just a little leftover on the table. When the prodigal son saw me he asked if the Lord had sent me to look for him, and I said "Indeed the Lord has sent me to give you a message.

The Lord asks you to go and work in a farm and sweat under the sun before the Lord forgives you". After having said that to him I felt I was so hungry that I sat down to eat without ceremony of what was left on the table. Anyway I felt so relieved for having done what the Lord had commanded me to do. But I frankly told the prodigal son that I would not have come to see him if the Lord had not commanded me to do so. I said to the prodigal son: "Look, I have no particular liking for you. And what is more, I had only 12 dollars in my pocket before I came this morning and it was almost impossible for me to come to meet you with that little money I had. It is because of the Lord that I am here to give you a message. So go and do what the Lord has commanded you to do".

After I had given the Lord's command to him I thought that I was going to put up a night somewhere in their gathering place, but to my disappointment they said that they were going to take a train back to Kuala Lumpur. They had to go because they had already paid for their tickets. But I was in no mood to go back after having just arrived. Anyway tired as I was I joined them for the journey back on the same train.

During the journey I was greatly relieved and happy, because I had fulfilled my promise to God, and had carried out the mission as a prophet. Paul Teh was greatly touched by God's message to him. He told me he wanted to be a good son of God and would follow God's instruction to be a farmer and earn an honest living. We and the other youths were so happy because merciful Lord had kindly shown Paul the right path.

Even though the whole journey was very tiring, my joy was overflowing, and I thanked God for giving me an opportunity to serve him directly. On arriving KL the next morning, an extraordinary thing also happened. A church brother came and conveyed to me some good news. He told me that Paul Lim who was an ex-Marist brother had recently helped few other Marist brothers to set up a farm in Melaka and needed some helping hands and Paul Teh could go there to help out if he wanted. After a few days, I accompanied Paul Teh to Melaka, to make sure that he obeyed the Lord by working in the farm. Everything had happened according to what God had instructed and planned. ALLELUIA, The Lord is great. Paul Teh had worked for sometime there in the farm.

Anyway, I praise the Lord, and now after 21years of that event, The Lord wants me to give this testimony again, through the help of bro. William, by printed this testimony in a book. Thanks to bro William also. And this testimony which I personally believe will spread all over the world to mark the wonderful works of God to his peoples. Amen

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