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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

King Solomon's Keys - Learning from the Wealthiest Man Who Ever Lived

By Rev. Bobby Keating

If you have ever heard of King Solomon, you have heard two distinct characteristics related to him. He was the wisest man and he was the richest man to have ever lived.

Would you like to learn the keys to King Solomon's success? Better yet, would you like to learn how to apply those keys to your life?

There are hundreds of preachers and coaches who teach and preach about success and prosperity but a very few who actually teach the 'how to' part. They always tell you that you can be successful and they'll quote scripture after scripture that tells you that you can be successful. However, no one tell you how to become successful - the practical application to these principles as they apply to your life.

We're going to study the Biblical 'how to' book and use it (apply it) to everyday life. If you follow these keys, read carefully, you will succeed at whatever you try. You will become healthy, wealthy and wise. It doesn't matter whether you are a graduate of a University or barely scraped by the GED test. It doesn't matter whether you have $20,000.00 dollars to invest or you have $0.20 to invest. All that matters is that you believe that God wants for you to succeed and, if you stick to the program, you will.

Just as we are spiritual beings and physical beings, there are laws that govern our physical nature and there are laws that govern our spiritual nature. The One who created this physical world placed the physical laws, those that govern the physical world, into effect. The laws that govern the spiritual aspect of our existence are even more powerful that the physical laws because they also affect the physical world in which we live.

Take for example the airplane. The aeronautical engineers and designers know and adhere to the dynamic physical laws that govern flight. They understand these laws and strictly observe them. The pilots of these aircraft know and adhere as well to these governing physical laws. If they did not, the flight would be a very short one and possibly a deadly one. The physical laws that govern this world must be stringently enforced and observed daily.

King Solomon understood that there are also 'living laws' or 'laws of living' that govern our lives on a daily basis and must be strictly adhered to because they are strictly enforced, just as the physical laws. It does not matter whether you love or hate the physical laws that govern the universe, they still exist. We can ignore them but the consequences are drastic. Likewise, it does not matter whether we love or hate the 'living laws' that govern our daily lives, they exist. We can ignore them but, again, the consequences are dramatic.

If you are satisfied with your life and you feel that there is nothing more that you can, would, could or should do, you do not need to continue reading. If you want to be successful in life through the guidance and tutelage of the Master of the Universe, and you feel that by enhancing your understanding of God your relationship with Him will deepen, continue reading. Wisdom is supreme and, no matter what the cost, we must seek understanding. When we delight in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts. This does not mean the fleshy materialistic desires. This means the true desires. Through this study, we're going to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven because we know (Jesus told us) that everything else will be added to us. This is a study that will qualify us as 'Good Stewards' of God's property.

I must also incorporate a warning here. If you study these laws and ignore them, you are setting yourself up for disaster. It is better that you make a commitment now to develop the attitude of success and stick to it. You will succeed. God has given you the wisdom through His Holy Bible to succeed.

Rev. Bobby Keating is an Evangelist, teacher, author, addiction counselor and director of the Christian Success Institute ( http://christian-success-institute.org ). He has a strong conviction that through the diligent study of The Holy Bible and and intense study of Solomon's Proverbs that everyone can learn that God wants His children to be successful and shows then how to be successful in His Holy Word.

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