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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Need Of Resurrection, A Prayer Of Supplication And Declaration

By Brenda Craig

Lord Jesus I can see You in my heart. I hear Your soft voice calling me. There are many times in my life where I have struggled to understand Your great love for me. Often times I have let words and attitudes of men distort the truth. I turn from this misconception and will not entertain even one thought to the tiniest degree. I choose to believe the truth as I embark on a whole new journey with You. I have taken other journeys with You on many occasions and yet my stomach flutters at the thought of this one. A reciprocal intimate pursuit is the desire of Your heart. You are with me in my struggles, my failure and my victories. I am so thankful that You are not a fair weather friend.

I turn my face in Your direction with anticipation. I hear Your footsteps gently coming down the path of my life. I give You free reign to remove any barriers separating us from this great work You are coming to do in my heart. Yes, I choose to look...I choose to take the chance and see what You see when You look on me.

Lord let Your light shine into the darkest, most hidden places of my heart. My identity is in You. Show me who I am. I long to know You as I am known and it is Your will and desire that do so. All that I will be is already accomplished in You. You are my Resurrection and my Life. On this journey of intimate pursuit I will leave the past behind. Worry for my future will have no place of habitation in my heart. I am and will be forever content in Your presence...content to rest in the assurance of Your everlasting love and friendship. Even now Your blood...Your sacrifice permeates my heart, my past and my future.

Lord I so want to thank You for waiting for me...thank you for moving at my pace for not being in a hurry. Your unconditional love overwhelms me, captivates me. You are never in a hurry and are always ever ready to take the time and do what is necessary for me to overcome...whatever is necessary for me to be at peace. I choose to put aside all fear for You did not give me a spirit of fear. You have given me a spirit of love, power and a sound mind. I am able to live without fear and walk in love as I abide in You.

Increase my faith...help my unbelief....as I reach my arms out to You. Holy Spirit teach me...guide me. I trust You. I choose to resist the lies, the words of men, and yes, and the words of my own heart which do not agree with You. Jesus, the Cross is my hope...my resurrection and my freedom in every way. I know this but now it is time to walk in it to the fullness of all that You are. Help me! Help me to not dig up things You aren't dealing with. This certainly overwhelms me and has the tendency to bring hopelessness into my thinking which in turn effects my actions in so many negative ways.

Yes, let every way of wrong thinking be nailed to the Cross where it loses all power and authority in my life. At the Cross...at the Cross where I first saw the light and the burdens of my heart rolled away...are words of truth worth remembering. Resurrect me to the fullness of who I am called to be. Let me see the fullness of the fact that I am seated in heavenly places.

Lord, I admit my need for resurrection in so many areas...in so many ways. Resurrection is the process of life in You. I am a new creature in You but at the same time I am always being made new. What a beautiful picture. How can I overcome death and blindness in all these areas unless I first see myself as You see me? Illumine my darkness and let me see that to You I am the fairest of them all. Yes, I will come with You, journey with you. I will come regardless with the determination to embrace and receive the truth.

Teach me to see, to know Your heart of unconditional...Your heart of every kind and overflowing love. I embrace Your songs of deliverance over my life. I embrace hope, boundless grace and mercy. I trust You. I long for our hearts to beat as one. I will look in the mirror and see the fairest of them all. I will see You as my reflection. I am Your beloved cherished one. I come today and rest my head upon Your shoulder. I love You. You ask me what I say to Your request to journey with You...to receive resurrection. I say, "YES!" Amen.

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