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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

How To Have A Conversation With God

Author: Kim McGinnis

Many of you are probably familiar with the very popular book, Conversations With God, by Neale Donald Walsh. In this wonderful book the author claims that he is given answers to his deepest questions directly from God, himself. Since then, another wonderful book was published, Your Deepest Intent, by Reverend Deborah Johnson. Her experience in writing this book reveals answers that were revealed to her by the same divine source. So, if two, very different individuals had this same unique experience does not mean you can, too? Absolutely. We, humans are all cut from the same divine cloth. This is our inner source. Made up of swirling atoms of energy(like magical fireflies dancing in the night), constantly moving, and reshaping our reality, we are master creators. What you do with your life is up to you. If you have a desire to converse with the divine learn to be like nature. Here are some helpful hints to help you along:

1. Learn to relax. Inspired moments arise when our defenses are down. When you are agitated because you have not had enough sleep, your ability to focus is not sharp, and your creative flow will be compromised. Avoid taking sleeping pills, as most are habit forming, and many can lead to depression. If you have trouble sleeping at night try listening to some beautiful music (Deva Premall) has an absolutely gorgeous CD, or read an inspirational book (too many to name). Keep reading or listening until you drift off to sleep with lovely words or music whispering in your ear.

2. Exercise. This will also help with step #1. Move your body, all the different parts. Pick something where the effort level is not too difficult, and not too easy; a little exertion is good. If you do not like going to the gym, walk. If you have a partner, and like sports, try tennis or basketball. It's even better if you exercise outside. The fresh air, and will do much to enliven your spirit.

3. Breathe. Obviously, we all breathe. But, when you bring more awareness to your breathing, you begin shift your consciousness from distracting thoughts. This will also help you relax. When you feel yourself getting particularly anxious, breathe deeply three or four times. Then slow your breathing, and beginning to breathe normally. The more you become aware of your breath, the easier it will be to maintain a balanced breath-this should be your goal. Balanced breath provides the best possible way for you vessel to allow source to enter you and give you divine messages.

4. Spend time alone. If you have a family this will be especially difficult, but it is essential. As much time and energy as you give to your loved ones, you need to put some time aside for yourself. Sit down with your mate, and discuss ways to make this happen-just make it so. This time is for reflection. The idea is to let feelings come up. In our hectic rat race lives it becomes second nature for us to shove down unpleasant feelings. This causes stress and illness, and most certainly it will block creativity.

5. Write. Pick a place that's comfortable. Go to a park, a coffee shop, or your patio. Bring a big yellow pad and a pen or paper. Write down your thoughts no matter how nonsensical. Give yourself permission to be as silly as want. Pretend you are on vacation, some place you've always wanted to go. Whether it is England, Monaco or Maine allow yourself this well deserved get away. The blank pad in front of you is your friendly companion. Begin sharing your deepest secrets. This is not a time to be shy.

You might be thinking the steps mentioned above are very ordinary. How could they possibly lead me to a conversation with God? The point is that it is ordinary folks like you that God wants to communicate with the most. And if you are listening it is in the most ordinary circumstances that his most inspiring message will touch you.

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