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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

God And Trust - If You Trust God, Will God Come Through For You?

By Michael Trachtman

Should You Trust G-d? Trust G-d totally. Trust that G-d takes special care of those who trust in him.

Most of us believe in G-d. You probably believe that G-d knows everything. You probably believe that G-d created everything. You believe that G-d controls everything. You believe that G-d cares about those who are close to him.

Unfortunately, Believing in G-d is easy. Trusting G-d is not easy. Belief is easy; faith is difficult.

If you place your Trust in G-d, then G-d will relate to you differently. G-d has a deal to offer you. If you place your trust in him, then he will make miracles happen for you. Miracles that would not otherwise happen. But, there are no guarantees. G-d decides each situation.

Here's a simple way to think about it. Imagine a dad who loves his kids. If his kids ask for something, even something big; he will consider it. There is no certainty that he will say yes. A good dad has many considerations, not just his love.

Have you ever wanted to trust G-d but just couldn't? You believe in G-d. You know that G-d can perform miracles at every moment. Yet, at the emotional level, you are still afraid. You still are not sure that G-d is directing every moment.

Three things make it difficult to Trust G-d at Every Moment.

1. It seems that hardship attacks everybody equally or even unfairly. Good and bad people get sick; nice people and evil people get hurt or die in accidents.

2. Prayer does not always work.

3. It is difficult to trust G-d, when you are in the middle of fear.

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