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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Faith To Sustain Us

By: Kim Lokke

God gives us faith to sustain us. No matter what your tragedy is or was, you and I are still here for a reason. You might not realize it, but you are living by faith to sustain you. We can't see it but God gives it to us to sustain us. We're still here aren't we? Why? Because we have faith there must be something more for us. If we didn't have it we might just choose to end it all. In other words, If this is all there is why keep living? Why spend the little energy we have left from our tragedy to keep on going in a place we don't want to be anyway?

Thank God Almighty that there is so much more. The reason I keep living is for the "after party". Why? Because I have faith there is one. Oh and what a party it will be. We will land at the gates of Heaven and the first ones we'll see there to greet us will be the ones that had to leave earth before us. Our broken hearts will be a thing of the past.

O.K. you might be asking, "how do I get this faith?". The bible says that it comes by hearing the word of God. So you read the bible and you go to church to hear the minister read it and then your faith is increased. Pray and ask God to carry you in your time of need. Believe me when I tell you that if I didn't have faith that there is a Heaven I'd leave this world. I lost my beautiful son Josiah when he was only 17 to a semi truck hitting the car he was in. My oldest son Gabriel was in the car following and saw the accident and Josiah died in Gabriel's arms. 10 months later when it was time for Josiah to graduate high school Gabriel was having a very hard time and took a drug to cope and it killed him. His roommates found him dead at his computer. I want to see my boys so bad. My heart is completely shattered. Josiah was famous for always telling people to "keep on keepin' on". I have to keep going to inspire others and then on that special day (when God says it's time, not me) I will go to Heaven to spend eternity with God and my boys. Compared to eternity this life is a short season, so "keep on keepin on".

Faith does sustain us. The bible says that if we believe that Jesus is the son of God and died for our sins that we're saved. I asked Jesus to live in my heart 34 years ago. I'm not perfect just forgiven. We just have to ask Jesus to live in our heart and ask him to help us to live the way we know we should.

Log onto bible.com and look up faith and see all the scriptures there are to help you through. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you on that day that God brings us all home.

Kim Lokke lives in Northern California with her husband Brad. Kim lost her sons Gabriel and Josiah through a horrible tragedy. She writes to encourage others that have gone through a tragedy. She has a website for survivors called Joemama-Survivor.http://www.joemama-survivor.com/faith.html

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