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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Faith In A Crisis

We’ve all heard the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” This is one of those laws of life, and it seems to hold true in good times and bad. When things around us are going well, we tend to be more upbeat, positive, and creative. Naturally, when we’re in this frame of mind, we tend to gravitate toward people and situations, which exude and reinforce these perceptions. On the other hand, when things are difficult we tend to get frustrated, depressed, overwhelmed, and… you guessed it, we express these negative thoughts and emotions which inevitably draw us closer to the same. Some call this the “Law of Attraction.”

What’s interesting is that, for most of us, our spiritual reaction to these physical and emotional influences are just the opposite. When life is carefree, without worry, and generally without problems… we are inclined to forget about our spiritual connectedness with life, the universe, and everything. After all, things are going great! Right? Why then, do most people remember to reach out to the Creator, only in times of crisis - when things are going not-so-well?

In part, our social norms and mores have quite a bit to do with it. For example, a common mantra in modern societies is: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” We wouldn’t generally go looking at our home’s plumbing unless there is a noticeable problem. However, when a pipe bursts or backs up, there is suddenly a sense of urgency - we must immediately address the problem by going to the hardware store for repair materials or by calling a service company to resolve the problem. We treat our faith in much the same way.

Common sense tells us that the best time to fix something is BEFORE it breaks. Had we paid closer attention to the plumbing, we might likely have identified the problem before it became a crisis. Similarly, we need to pay more attention to God in our daily lives, and especially when things are going well. By connecting with our source when things are going well, we are less likely to be adversely affected when things “go south.” We will be in a better frame of reference, and be more adaptable in reacting to the hiccups that happen in life.

It’s true that bad things happen to even the best people (take Christ as an example), and we need to be prepared. Don’t just reach out to the higher power in a crisis. Be connected with it at all times. A great way to start is to look around for things that are going well, or people who are in a good mood. Pay attention to them, and try to draw positive energy from these things - without dragging them down into a pool of negativity, if that’s where you are.

By: TimG

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