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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Effective Prayer

By Alex Ziv

It doesn't matter if you are religious, not religious or a complete atheist, if you cast your mind back and examine your life path you will remember that in the most extreme situations when the pain and fear were enormous, suddenly some inner hidden feeling took over and caused you to sincerely pray with all your soul, a call for help to an extraordinary power to come to your rescue.

In these moments, all the judgment, cynicism and doubts vanish and this mysterious power takes over and with all your focus, your sincerity your might you scream out a prayer in the form of a plea for help and you believe and feel that there is someone listening to you that can help you following your sincere and decisive plea.

This is how miracles happen. I am convinced that this has happened to many of you and to millions across the world, this is because our subconscious is connected to the endless intelligence and when the extreme situation appears and the solution is beyond you - you truly face above and send a tremendous energy of focused plea.

We all contain this emergency mechanism, it is embossed within us but unfortunately the majority of us use it only in emergencies.

I have used it three times during my life successfully, which is why I am aware of this almighty power that is hidden in these moments of focused prayer.

In moments like this you are so focused that every bit of small energy is sent with your plea.

And you are asking with great sincerity that you bypass all your barriers along the way and arrive with the instructions of your plea exactly to the place from where things come true - and things really do come true.

We tend to call these situations miracles because we do not understand the science that is behind such a prayer.

What you have experienced in these moments is a pure implementation of the principals of the secret.

In these moments you have 100% belief and 0% doubt.

Belief is like a carrying wave that can carry within it instructions and update the endless wisdom.

In extreme situations life itself comes to your aid and this action is performed almost unknowingly by you.

A power stronger than you "the power of life" comes from within and takes over the whole process performing it to perfection.

And the result is what many people consider as a "miracle".

All the exercises and various techniques of the secret come eventually in order to perform what your subconscious has implemented in a very effective way when you really needed help.

To result in your plea/thought to reach the endless wisdom of the universe and from there to activate great creative powers that will realize your plea.

The endless wisdom of the universe is present in every particle of material and fills every empty space across the universe which is why it has the power to change reality.

Try to reconstruct amongst yourself these moments, break them into pieces and examine exactly what you had done.

Try to experience this process of prayer from the beginning and feel what exactly was activated within you? What thoughts? Feelings? Your intense focus? What words did you use? What where you doing physically?

The reason I recommend you to investigate this is because:

There is no limit to the number of times you can use this power.

And there is no limit to the number of times this energy will come to your aid.

The power of the effective prayer is available to you at every moment during your life.

You are always connected to the endless wisdom, you have simply developed various blocking mechanisms and the communication between you and this wisdom is not flowing freely like it should be.

Everything you will ask for in this intensity and with perfect concentration and belief should come true.

These are the laws of the universe and they work every time precisely.

The laws of the universe are not reserved only for extreme situations, in these circumstances the endless wisdom that is within you as in others, takes over and does the job for you.

However, if you understand the process and the opportunities within it, you can effectively pray also during normal situations.

The endless wisdom is available to you; it will fulfil on your behalf every request that is put to her correctly.

Ask with all your heart, focus and concentrate all your energy in your request, believe that there is an endless able, willing power and give it your full belief.

Ask intensively and following your plea release it knowing that it has been absorbed and it is being implemented by the strongest power of the universe.

By Alex Ziv - Creating Reality

(English by Michal Booker)

Alex Ziv is a motivational writer who inspires Thousands of people each day in Israel trough his unique view and insights about spirituality and personal development.For more information please visit: http://www.alexziv.com

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